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How Does an administrator delete another user in Mac OS X 10.4
Open the Accounts preferences, selec a user to delete, and click the delete (minus) button
You are troubleshooting a volume that is connected to your computer in tarket disk mode. What could present a problem?
Volume Ownership is overridden in tarket disk mode, so it is possible to delete vital system files.
What does the Repair Disk Permissions feature in the Disk Utility do?
Restores the default permissions of the system files and specific applications
UNIX based applications that require the X Window System can be opened in Mac OS X v10.4 using
x11 for mac os x
which tool can you use to find out the number of hops between your computer and another computer
You are using DHCP to distribute IP addresses on your corporate network. One of your comptuers has self assigned IP addresses. How can you force this computer to attempt to acqure DHCP address? choose two
Enter a new DHCP Client ID in the Network preference and click apply.

set a manual IP address in the network preferences and click apply, then change to configure using DHCP and click apply.
Which Step must you perform to let you access your computer remotely via ssh?
Enable SSH in the keychain access utility
About which three system components will System profiler provide information? Choose three
1. installed PCI cards, Connected USB devices, connected firewire devices.
Chris is unable to print using a Mac os x v 10.4 computer. While examinaing Chris's computer, you find that the printing system is misconfigured and lists printers that do not exist. What is a valid step to resolve chris's printing problems?
Use the Reset Printing system command in the printer set up utility and add the needed printers.
When Maria logs on her mac os x, a utility she recently installed launces automatically and disables her mouse and keyboard. how can Maria prevent the utility from automatically launcing when she logs in.

The Console utility
Hold down the shift key imediatly after logging in.

displays log files.
What are the three types of user accounts in mac os x?
Administrator users, non-admin (standard) users, and System Administrator (root) user
what tool do you use to create, edit or delete users?
Use the Accounts pane of the System Preferences to create, edit, or delete users.
what are some considerations when changing a user's login password?
if users change their own password using the Accounts pane of the System Preferences, their Keychain password will also be updated. If the login password is changed from a different administrator account or from the Mac OS x Install Disc, the Keychain password will not be updated
describe fast user switching
a login option setting that allos a mac OS X user to log in while an existing user account is already logged in
what is the master password
the master password provides a back door for recovering data encrypted by FileVault. If a user us unable to log in to his or her account after three successive attempts, the user can enter the master password, which allows him or her to reset the login password.
What are the different configuration choices when installing MAC OS X
Mac OS X can be installed on a single partition along with Mac OS 9.x You can also install Mac OSX on one partition or volume while MAC os 9.x is installed on another. Mac OS X can also be installed by itself, without Mac OS 9.x. You can also choose to update previous version of mac OSX to mac os 10.4
What things should you do before you upgrade MAC os 9.x to MAC OS X?
Before installing Mac OSX, you should make a backup of the data on your hard disk, read the Read Before you Install document, collect network configuration information from Mac OS 9,x, upgrade firmware (if necessary) and upgrade to Mac OS 9.2 (if using classic)
What is the purpose of local account?
the initial local account is automatically an administrator account which you can change settings in system pref, install apps, and use certain utilites.
What are the quick fixes to consider when troubleshooting an installation problem?
check the install logs, confirm that firmware is up to date; restart/reinstall; check for disk problems; disconnect nonessential hardware; turn off Energy Saver and Screen Saver Preferences
Which Certifications are associated with Mac OS X Support Essentials Course
Apple Certified Help Desk Specialist (ACHDS) and Apple Certified Technical Coordinator, althought ACTC certification also covers the topic of Mac OS X server
List a few features of Apple Remote Desktop
Remote assistance (Screen observation or control of one or more Macs, screen sharing, text communication), remote administration (sleep, wake, restart, shutdown, send UNIX commands, open files, empty trash, set up start up disk). software distribution (file copy, package installation, asset management reports (file search, software version, software difference, system overview, storage, device, network interface.
What utilites are available to run when booted from the Install DVD?
The utilities are Startup Disk, Reset Password, Disk Utility, Terminal, System, Profiler, Network Utility.
What is Firmware
Software programs or data that has been written onto read-only memory (ROM). Firmware is a combination of software and hardware. ROMs, PROMs and EPROMS that have data or programs recorded on them are firmware
what are the different install types
Upgrade, Archive and Install, Erase and Install