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Soup de Jour
(DJ 1 or DJ 2)
2 homemade soups each day
Cup- served no lined 5" w/ spoon and 1 cracker
Bowl- lined 9" with spoon and 2 crackers. garnish.
Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup
Chicken Soup with chix broth, onions, celery, carrots, tomatoes, and egg noodles. served on 5" or 9" with spoon and crackers
French Onion
Beef Broth with onions topped w/melted provolone cheese. served on 2 lined plates 5" over9" with soup spoon, crackers, roll and butter pat. garnish
Mongolian Egg Rolls
Combo of beef, pork, mushrooms, and oriental vegetables, sauteed in sesame oil, wrapped and fried until crispy and golden brown, served on bed of thai peanut slaw w/hot, spicy, and sweet woy sauces
Champps App Sampler Platter
4 motzerella sticks, 4 potato skins, 2 chicken fingers, 6 buffalo wings. Large oval plate w/ ramekins of bleu cheese, bbq, marinara, SSC
Four 6" tortillas covered with Co-Jack and cut in quarters. Beer or chicken served under melted cheese. wserved on 12" plate and topped w/ shredded lettuce, black olives, diced tomoatoes, jalapenos, served w/ salsa and SC. (Upcharge for chix-bf-guac)
Potato Skins
4 deep fried potato halves filled with melted chedder. Top w/ shredded lettuce, bacon bits, ram of SSC, 9" plate
Spinach Artichoke Dip
Fresh Spinach, artichoke hearts, blend of cheeses and dressings, baked and served hot w/ mini baguette. dip served in boat, on large round plate w/ spoon and steak knife. (.75 for xtra Baguette)
Buffalo Wings
16 deep fried wings tossed in buffalo sauce, 9"plate. serve on large lined round plate. Comes with 4 celery sticks, ram of blue cheese, and 2 wipes
Wood roasted shrimp
6 pieces of shrimp, chilled and tossed with marinated sweet pepper tomatoes, served on grilled French bread.
Onion Rings
1/2 order available. Large or small bowl of deep friend onions
Chicken Fingers
6 deep friend strips, boneless chix breast. served w/ choice of BBQ, honey mustard, or both. Buffalo style available, serve with bleu cheese. 9" plate
12" flour tortillas, bacon, gr peps, onions, colby, mont jack cheese, cut into 8 pieces. Topped with shredded lettuce, tomatoes, black olives, SC, salsa, guac. Beef, chix, both $1.00 extra. 12" plate
Champps Waffle Fries
(1/2 order available, large or small bowl waffle fries with seasoning)
SSC extra
Merlot grilled serloin
5 oz grilled beef serloin strips with roasted button mushrooms and merlot cream sauce. 9" plate, get a temp.
Hoisin Chicken wings and drummies
16 crispy chicken wings and drummies in sweet/sticky hoisin sauce. 12" plate with ram of hot mustard
Mozzerella sticks
10 mozzerella sticks deep fried, golden brown, served w/ marinara on 9" plate
Salad Dressings
Ranch, loCal Ranch, 1000 island, bleu cheese, sesame, sweet and sour, french, vinegar &oil, balsamic vinagrette
Started Salad (TOY)
iceberg with tomatoes, cucumbers, egg, red cabbage, carrots. lined oval plate, roll, butter, croutons on top
Soup & Salad
cup of soup with an Alex, caesar, or starter salad. Cup of FrOn for $1.00 xtra. lined oval plate w/ cracker, soup spoon, roll and butter
Grilled Cobb
iceberg with rows of chix, ched chs, bl olives, bleu cheese crunbles, bacon, eggs, tomatoes. lined oval plate with roll, butter, w/ 1 cup or 2 rams dressing
romaine with caesar dressing, parmesan cheese and croutons
Super Caesar
large caesar, tomoatoes, parm cheese, grilled hawaiian or cajun chix breast. lined oval plate, roll, butter
Alex's Greek
iceberg lettuce, greek dressing, tomatoes, feta cheese, greek olives, pepperocinis, cucumbers, eggs, onions, gr peps, croutons. lined large round plate, roll, butter, 1 cup or 2 rams of dressing
Chicken Chopper
chopped romaine and iceberg with chicken, bacon bits, onions, tomatoes, bleu cheese nuggets of pasta in tangy lowCal Italian and Ranch. served in glass bowl on lined oval plate
Taco salad
Deep Fried tortilla shell filled w/ spicy beef or chicken, shredded cheese, lettuce, onions, blck olives, tomatoes, gr onions, jalepenos. Served with SC, salsa, Guac, large oval plate. ($1.00 fajita steak or chicken)
Ellie's Pasta Salad
penne noodles w/chicken, bacon, sugar snap peapods, sweet peppers. gr onions, parm cheese. Champps caesar dressing. Garnish with diced tomatoes y toasted almonds. served in chilled pasta bowl on lined oval plate with roll and butter
Bobs romaine salad
4 oz grilled chix, romaine lettuce, red onioins, toasted walnuts, tossed in gorgonzola vinagrette and garnished with parm cheese toast topped with marinated tomatoes. served on large round plate.
Mixed greens
mixed greens tossed in balsamic vinagrette and topped w/ apple slices, dried cranberries, grilled onions, toasted almonds, chevre cheese and 4 oz chix breast, serve on 12" plate