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appenducular skeleton
126 bones
clavicle-2, scapula-2
humerus-2, radus-2, ulna-2, carpal bones-16, metacarpal bones-10, phalanges-28
hip bone-2,
femur-2, patella-2, tibia-2, fibula-2, tarsal bones-14, metatarsal bones-10, phalanges-28
pectoral girdle
movements of scapula and clavicle position shoulder joints and provide base for arm movement, extremely important sites for muscle attachment
LANDMARKS-pyramidal sternal end, flat acromial end, sternal and acromial facets,
conoid tubercle, costal tuberosity
ARTICULATIONS-sternoclavicular joints, acromialclavicular joint
LANDMARKS-body, superior, medial, and lateral border & angle, glenoid cavity, subscapular fossa, coracoid process, acromion process, scapular spine, supraspinous fossa, infraspinous fossa
ARTICULATIONS-glenohumeral joint, acromioclavicular joint
upper limbs
arms(brachium), forearms(antibrachium), wrists(carpus), hands
LANDMARKS-head, greater & lesser tubercle, intertubercular groove, anatomical neck, surgical neck, deltoid tuberosity, radial groove, medial & lateral epicondyles, condyle(trochlea, capitulum), coronoid fossa, olecranon forssa, radial fossa
ARTICULATIONS-elbow joint, glenohumeral joint
LANDMARKS-olecranon, trochlear notch, coronoid process, radial notch, ulnar tuberosity, ulnar head, styloid process
ARTICULATIONS-elbow, wrist, proximal & distal radioulnar joints
LANDMARKS-radial head, radial tuberosity, ulnar norch, styloid process
ARTICULATIONS-elbow, wrist, proximal & distal radioulnar joints
carpal bones
8 carpal bones form 2 rows, four proximal carpal bones(scaphoid bone, lunate bone, triquetrum, pisiform bone), four distal carpal bones(trapezium, trapezoid bone, capitate bone, hamate bone)
"Sam Likes To Push The Toy Car Hard." lateral to medial, proximal to distal
scaphoid bone
proximal on lateral border of the wrist, closest to syloid process of wrist
medial to scaphoid, articulates with radius
small pyramid shaped, medial to lunate bone, articulates with articular disk that separates the ulnar head from wrist
anterior to triquetrum
lateral bone of distal row, proximal surface articulates with scaphoid bone
trapezoid bone
wedge shaped, medial to the trapezium, proximal articulation with scaphoid
capitate bone
largest carpal bone, between trapezoid and hamate
hamate bone
medial disal carpal bone
metacarpal bones
articulate with distal carpal bones and support the hand, I-V are used to identify beginning with lateral metacarpal which articulates with trapezium, metacarpal I articulates with proximal bone of thumb
finger bones 14, first finger or pollex(thumb) has two phalanges(proximal and distal), the other four have 3 phalanges(proximal, middle, and distal)
pelvic girdle
withstand stresses of weight bearing and locomotion, 2 hipbones, pelvis-composite of hipbones and sacrum and coccyx
ossa coxae(hipbones)
3 bones(ilium, ischium, pubis)
LANDMARKS-acetabulum, acetabular notch, lunate surface, greater sciatic notch, iliac spines, gluteal lines, ischial spine, lesser sciatic notch, ishial tuberosity, ischial ramus, inferior and superior rami of the pubis, pectineal line, obturator foramen, arcuate line, iliac crest, iliac fossa, auricular surface, iliac tuberosity,
ARTICULATIONS-hip joint, pubic sympysis, sacroiliac joint
true(lesser) pelvis, false(greater) pelvis, pelvic brim, pelvic inlet, pelvic outlet
lower limbs
femur(thigh), patella(kneecap), tibia and fibula(leg), tarsal bones, metatarsal bones, phalanges of the foot
longest and heaviest bone in body
LANDMARKS-femoral head, articular surface of head, fovea capitis, neck, shaft, greater and lesser trochanters, intertrochanteric line, intertrochanteric crest, linea aspera, medial and lateral epicondyles, medial and lateral condyles, intercondylar fossa, patellar surface, medial & lateral supracondylar ridge, popliteal surface, gluteal tuberosity, pectineal line, adductor tubercle
large medial bone of leg
LANDMARKS-medial & lateral condyles, intercondylar eminence, tibial tuberosity, anterior margin, medial malleolus, inferior articular surface
ARTICULATIONS-knee, inferior & superior tibiofibular joint, ankle
LANDMARKS-head, shaft, lateral malleolus,
ARTICULATIONS-superior & inferior tibiofibular joint, ankle
sesamoid bone
LANDMARKS-base, apex
tarsal bones
7 tarsal bones-talus, calcaneus, cuboid, navicular, medial & intermediate & lateral cuneiform
"Tom Can Control Not Much In Life"
metatarsal bones
I-IV medial to lateral
phalanges of the foot
14 bones, hallux(great toe) has 2 proximal and distal, rest have 3 proximal, distal, and midddle