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The toys belonging to the boys
The boys' toys
The toys belonging to the boy
The boy's toys
The hats belonging to the ladies
The ladies' hats
The hat belonging to the lady
The lady's hat
The roar of the engines
The engines' roar
The roar of the engine
The engine's roar
I would like to visit the Temple of Artemis
I would like to visit Artemis' Temple
I can see the chimneys of the mansions
I can see the mansions' chimneys
I can see the chimneys of the mansion
I can see the mansion's chimney
Is that the dog of Peter?
Is that Peter's dog?
That is the coat of the gentleman
The gentleman's coat
Those coats belong to the gentlemen
The gentlemen's coats
The leaves of the trees were rusty coloured.
The trees' leaves are rusty coloured
The leaves of the tree are rusty coloured
The tree's leaves are rusty coloured
The seams of the trousers were splitting
The trousers' seams were splitting