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What is dehydrated food?
Food in which almost all water has been removed.
pg 251
Explain and give example:
Kingdom Monera
*They represent the smalled organisms in creation.
*Composed of Prokaryokic cells.
pg 248
Define: Biology
The study of life
pg 245
What is turgor pressure?
The pressure inside a plants cells due to increasing size of the central vaculole.
pg 261
Explain: Kingdom Animalia
*Animal kingdom.
*Incles incests, fish, birds, and animals as we know them.
pg 262
What are decomposers?
Give an example.
*Organisms that break down the dead remains of other organisms.
pg 255
Explain & give examples:
Kingdom Fungi
*Most organisms feed on dead organisms.
*Are decomposers
*Includes: mushrooms, shelf fungi, mold yeast
pg 255
Define: Pathogen
An organism that causes disease
pg 250
Give Characterists of:
Kingdom Plantae
*Plant kingdom
*Have specific structures with specific jobs (stem, root, leaf)
*Most plant cells are more square than animals cells.
*Has a cell wall
pg 260
What is Vegetative Reproduction?
The process by which the stem of a plant can form new roots and develop into a mature plant.
pg 260
Explain: Kingdom Protista
*Made of eukaryotic cells
*Some organisms make their own food through photosynthesis
*Split into protozoa and algea
*No specialized structure
pg 252