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Alternation of generations
A lifecycle in which sexual reproduction gives rise to asexual reproduction, which in turn gives rise to sexual reproduction
Annual plants
Plants that live for only one year
Biennial plants
Plants that live for a year, lay dormant for a year, and then live and grow for one more year
-The study of plants
A "seed leaf" which develops as a part of the seed. It provides nutrients to the developing seedling and eventually becomes the first leaf of the plant.
A plant that loses its leaves before winter
Dominant generation
In alternation of generations, the generation that occupies the largest portion of the lifecycle
The process of cutting away a ring of inner and outer bark all the way around a tree trunk
Leaf margin
The characteristics of the leaf edge
Leaf mosaic
The arrangement of leaves on the stem of a plant
Perennial plants
Plants that grow year after year
Vascular tissue that carries substances downward in a plant
A fine dust that contains the sperm of seed-producing plants
Reproductive plant organs
The flowers, fruits, and seeds of a plant
Undifferentiated cells
Cells that have not specialized in any particular function
Vegetative organs
The stems, roots, and leaves of a plant
A vascular tissue that carries substances upward in a plant