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What is FAT?
File Allocation Table. Comes in FAT16 and FAT32.
What is NTFS?
New Technology File System, came out in mid 90's with NT. NTFS4.0 and NTFS5.0
What OSs use each of these file systems: FAT16, FAT32, NTFS4.0, NTFS5.0
FAT16: NT, 95a, 95b, 98, Me, 2K, XP

FAT32: 95b, 98, Me, 2K, XP
NTFS5.0: 2K, XP
Windows 98 "My Documents"
Everyone shared same My Documents unlike with 2kPro and XP
Web folders?
Found under 98 My Computer
What view is new in XP under my computer?
Tiles view is new. Thumbnail view was there in W2K
What happens when you open Network Neighborhood in Windows 98?
NetBIOS browsing system used by Windows 98 to find things under Network Neighborhood. Could see "Entire Network" or individual computers.
What is My Network Places?
Added in 2000 and XP. Used to be Network Neighborhood in 98. NetBIOS goes out and gets list of computers.
Can task bar be moved to the side in Win98
Yes, just grab and move in 98, 2K and XP if it isn't locked.
Right click task bar, properties, Advanced, Start Menu Settings.
Found in Win2K
Where do I find the Control Panel in Windows 98?
Start | Settings | Control Panel
How do I get Administrative tools to show up in Windows XP?
Right click Task Bar | Properties | Start Menu tab | Customize button | Advanced tab | click "Display on All Programs menu" radio button under System Administrative Tools. and click OK, then OK
Right click START button what OSs show "All Users"?
Only Win2K and XP because 98 didn't have the All Users feature.
How do you show 20 most recently used programs in XP?
Right click START | Properties | Start Menu tab | Cusomize button | change the number of items on the start menu.
How do you see the OS name on the left side of the start bar?
Rigth click START, Properties and switch to Classic Start Menu mode.
Why is Win98 limited in memory use?
Win 98 uses a swap file for Virtual Memory. Built from DOS model. Paging files, pages of memory stored on HD and moved to RAM.
What is EMM?
NT Workstation started NT Kernel which continued through 2K Pro and XP. Uses EMM. Extended Memory Manager. Fools every application into thinking it has 2 GB of memory. A fast swap file between HD and RAM.
How and why did NT run DOS programs?
NT Workstation used virtual machine to run DOS programs. Each new OS to be successful had to run the aps of the previous OSs.
Win2K Pro doesn't run some games , why?
W2KPro was not backwards compatible with some programs from earlier OSs
What was Windows Me
A mistake. Win Me was supposed to be better than 98 but not as good as NT. Win9x includes 95,98 & Me. THey have a different set of files to boot and run OS.
User interaction command. Required. IO.SYS, MSDOS.SYS & COMMAND.COM
First file executed when Win98 starts. "Initial Operating" system file.
required runs as companion to IO.SYS
Backward compatibility for 16 bit OSs, Windows 3.1 and Windows 3.11. Not absolutely required, but will get errors if not there. Might still start.
Must be there to start. Used to start windows through dos.
Carryover from windows 3.1, not required, but will do something if configured in Win9x OSs. Can control device drivers.
Carryover from windows 3.1, not required, but will do something if configured in Win9x OSs. Controls programs started when computer starts. TSRs.
Manages extended memory. Is required and auto loaded. All are in the C: root drive.
carryover from older & dos OSs. Expanded memory. Computer thought it only had 1 MB of memory. Fooled system. Not a required program. May be loaded by config.sys
Required in Windows 9x. Everything registered in registry. User and hardware settings. User.dat tracks each users environmental settings. system.dat tracks hardware configs for all users.
What files are required for Windows NT Kernel systems (NT workstation, W2K Pro, XP (home & pro)
NTLDR - bootstrap loads OS
BOOT.INI - finds OS or gives error.
NTDETECT.COM - searches system for hardware info.
NTBOOTDD.SYS - only for true scsi where controller is in charge
HAL.DLL - Abstration layer allows system to not be so picky & run more hardware. Hids differences.
WIN.COM - starts the system that gives command prompt.
Win 98 how to get command prompt?
Start | Run | type "Command"
How in 98 do we get all files a little at a time?
what does "mem/c" do? "mem/c/p"?
tells about memory and where it is assigned. Same but with pages.
can you type "help" at window 98 command prompt?
doesn't give much
How do you get to the command prompt in 2K and XP?
START | Run | cmd
What OS gives scroll bar in command prompt?
2K and XP, but not Win 98
How in 98 can you see the files you want only when you only know the file is 4 characters long and don't know the extension?
dir ????.*
What does up arrow do in 98?
DosKey with up arrow isn't installed by default in Win98 to show previous command. It is installed in W2K.
What does "help" do in Win2K under command prompt?
Gives list of commands.
Can you right click and do "find" under a command prompt?
Yes in XP, but not in 2K or 98