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Purpose of the LPAA
1. to minimize the effects of life barriers
2. to adjust feelings/attitudes about self and others
3. strengthen intr/inter personal communication
4. increase particiaption in activities of choice
5. Re-engagement in life
6. move away from deficit and remediation to inclusion and life participation
Life Participation Approach to Aphasia
LPAA assessment focus
1. focus on re-engagment from the initial assessment
2. assess impairment, but also how the person does w/ suppost
Aphasia and their support
the relationship with others is the "core" of life challenges, stresses associated w/ aphasia' permanancy
LPAA treatment and therapy
- clinician works on compensation for language loss
- works on anything that is a barrier to life participation
- goal is for participants to acknowledge and better accept life differences w/ aphasia and discover an unexpected value or merit in their altered forms
Who is included in LPAA?
-communication partners in life
-the aphasic
LPAA environment training
training the environment makes it more aphasia "friendly" and "supportive"
LPAA therapist role
- clinician takes the role of the communication partner
-clinicans also act as coach, problem solver or support person to overcome challenges
LPAA outcomes
Client can:
1. become an active agent in determining their own direction and involvement in life
2. gain personal determination
3. gain immersion in real-life contexts and experiences
4. look to what is still possible for them
LPAA is ________ driven
-makes real life differences
-minimizes concequences of disease and injury
-permit to leave and re-enter Tx when a need arises