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Lost Alsace and Lorraine in the Franco Prussian War
What did France want to expand prior to WWI
North Africa and Indochina-Asian holdings (Called French-Indochina)
Describe Britain's mindset prior to WWI with foreign matters
They wanted their "Splendid Isolationism"
What did Austria-Hungary want to limit prior to WWI
radical nationalism, especially among the Slavic population
Where did Russia want to expand prior to WWI
Balkans and against Ottoman territory
Who was in the Three Emperors League
Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Russia
Why did the Three Emperors League collapse
Russia wants to expand into the Balkans and Austria already has holdings there; conflict with Russia and Austria
Why was the Congress of Berlin called?
Great Britain and Austria didn’t like what Russia had already gained against the Ottomans, and they believed that Russia gained too much from the Russo-Turkish war
Stated that if Russia attacks Germany or Austria, they would both help each other out; Germany and Austria peace treaty
1879 – The Dual Alliance
What dissolved the renewed Three Emperors League
The Moore revolt and warfare in the Balkans
Italy was secretly asked to join this alliance with Germany and Austria
The Triple Alliance - 1882
Who begins to build up the German navy to let it compete with Great Britain
Kaiser Wilhelm II (r. 1888 – 1918)
What did Wilhelm II do with Bismarck?
He dismissed him
Who made up the Triple Entente
France, Great Britain, and Russia
Why was the Triple Entente made?
France and Russia made the Franco-Russian alliance because they felt as if Germany was becoming too strong, and Great Britain saw Germany build up their navy
Settled the colonial differences between France and Great Britain
Entente Cordiale
He helped to really usher in the industrial revolution; Russian czar
Nicholas II (1868 – 1918)
His slogan was “Peace, land, and bread”
Who began to form the Red Army, which was made up of people who would fight for communism
This treaty is signed, officially taking Russia out of the war
Who fought in the Russian civil war?
Whites (Opposed to the revolution: Those who wanted a republic, those who liked the Czar, and other European countries who were against communism) Vs. the Reds (Those who supported communism)
Lenin instated the secret police called the
Lenin's economic policy
New Economic Policy (NEP)
Allowed for Farmer's to sell their surplus for a profit
These included that anyone who wanted to be communist had the join the Comintern, which is acknowledging Bolsheviks
21 Conditions