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preserving environment, taking care, individual responsibility, poactive, raising awareness, morals, ethics - connects with sustainability
Sound Science
Science and results that are based on fair and true inferences and reasoning
Junk Science
Science and results that are based on false inference or faulty reasoning
Ecological Footprint
How much area you use up. Area to raise your food, transportation, manufacturing...
Not In My BackYard
Environmental Justice
accoutability, protection, equity, justice amongst people - most pollution in poorer communities
Goods and Services
Goods (Air, Lumber, Water, Food) items provided by environment, Services (Cleaning water, Decomposition, Flood prevention) processes provided by enviroment
H' - combines how many species (richness) with distrubution of individuals among species (H'=-Sum[Pi*ln(Pi)])
Species Richness
(S) - How many species are present
(D) - Average # of individuals in 1 square on tray
A process where a body of water receives excess nutrients that stimulates plant growth
The ability of an ecosystem to sustain itself. Only a certain amount of energy can be taken out to sustain the environment.
Environmental Racism
Isolating and exploiting one specific race. ie. dumping toxic chemicals in a predominantly black neighborhood.
An atom or group of atoms that are normally electrically nuetral but gain their status be addition or loss of an electron.