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Def: harsh or bitter in speech or temper.

Rel: acrimony, acrimoniously, acrimonious

Syn: tart, acrid, caustic, sarcastic, stinging, biting

Ant: bland, gentle, mild
Def: To lighten or lessen physical or mental pain or discomfort.

Rel: alleviation, alleviate

Syn: assuage, allay, palliate, abate, mitigate, moderate

Ant: aggravate, intensify, increase, magnify
Def: A. A relation between 2 things that consists in the resemblance not of the things themselves but of their characteristics.
B. A proportion consisting of 2 pairs of things, in which the relationship between 2 things in each pair is the same.

Rel: analogic, analogical, analogically, analogous

Syn: similarity, likeness, correspondence

Ant: dissimilarity, unlikeness
Def: A. rigidly severe in character or judgement
B. Severely simple; often said of a liberary style, or of dry, withered environments.

Rel: austerely, austerness, austerity

Syn: stern, strict, rigid, rigorous, harsh, inflexible

Ant: gentle, mild, affable, tolerant, indulgent
Def: conceited; thinking very highly of oneself; self-assertive

Rel: bumptiously, bumptiousness

Syn: supercilious, arrogant, contumelious, imperious, overbearing, presumptious, aggressive

Ant: diffident, modest, humble, meek, obsequious, fawning, cringing
Def: A fraudulent pretender to skill or knowledge.

Rel: charlatanism. charltanry, charlatanic

Syn: quack, mounteback, imposter, humbug

Ant: authentic, genuine
Def: To be self-satisfied & content w/ self or circumstance

Rel: complacently, complacence, complacency

Syn: content, smug, gratified

Ant: dissatisfied, discontented
Def: A. to give passive consent to; to shut one's eyes to a fault or wrong of another.
B. to cooperate w/ or encourage secretly (followed by word, with)

Rel: connivance, conniver

Syn: collude, conspire, plot

Ant: none