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1965 Immigration Law
allowed more skilled workers and family members to enter the country.
Cambodian people
American Samoa
unincorporated overseas territory of the US that is composed of a group of islands in the southern Pacific Ocean!
traditional chief in Samoa, form of governance
The Pacific Way
Harmony and Consesus
organized unincorporated territory of the US in the western Pacific Ocean.
indigenous people of the Mariana Islands.
Commonwealth of Northern Mariana
consists of 15 islands from Hawaii to the Phillippines
Federated States of Micronesia
independent, sovereign island nation, made up of four states from west to east
subregion of Oceania. over 1000 islands scattered over the central and southern pacific ocean. Inhabited by Polynesians.
subregion of Oceania, comprising thousands of small islands in the western Pacific Ocean.
white person in the Hawaiin language
Hawaiin language describing a person of mixed ethicity
A Hawaiin of Polynesian descent
French Indochina
part of the french colonial empire in southeast asia
a republic in southeast asia, on the bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea
relocation camps
these camps used to incarcerate, isolate, and punish a group of people accused of crimes and who just had their rights as US citizens revoked
1948 Brides Act
elminated asian pacific wives from not being considered citizens
Trust Territory
a United Nations trust territory in Micronesia
Compact of Free Association
between the federal states of Micronesia and the United STates provider for U.S. economic assistance.
Pathet Lao
the Communist nationalist group that took over the government of Laos in 1975 after 2 decades of civil war.
Khmer Rouge
A communist guerrilla organization that opposed the Cambodian government in the 1960s
boat people
refugees, usually political ones, who attempt to flee from their native country to other countries by boat
Little Saigon
name given to any of several overseas Vietnamese immigrant. Saignon is the former name of the capital of the former South Vietnam
Organization of Chinese Americans/Japanese American Citizenship League
formed in 1929 to protect the rights of japanese/chinese americans from the state and federal governments
Vincent Chin
Chinese american beaten to death in june 1982 in Detroit
1992 L.A. riots referred to by Korean american community in Los Angeles
Gary Locke
Chinese American US Secretary of Commerce American
untraditional casting
practice of casting a role without considering the actors ethnicity
Asian ethnic group from the mountainous regions of China, Vietnam, Lao, and Thailand.
1975-76 IndoChina Migration and Refugee Act
response to the Fall of Saigon and the end of the Vietnam War. Refugees from South Vietnam and Cambodia were allowed to enter the USunder a special status, and Congress granted them special relocation aid.
1987 Amerasian Homecoming Act
act of congress that allowed children in Vietnam born of American fathers to immigrate to the US.
Model Minority
labeling one ethnic minority as higher achieving than another ethnic minority.
Dalip Singh Saund
first Asian American , Indian American, and Sikh member of the US Congress.
Wards Cove Packing Co. Case
court case argued on employment discrimination
disparate impact
holds that employment practices may be considered discriminatory and illegal if they have a disproportionate adverse impact on members of a minority group
lava lava
article of daily clothing traditionally worn by Polynesians and other Oceanic peoples
people, cultures, and products of the Indian SubContinent and Pakistan.
H-1B Visa
non-immigrant visa in the US under the immigration and nationality act
Asian Excellence Awards
annual celebration of the outstanding achievements of Asians and Asian Americans in film, television, music, and the performing arts.
Bobby Jindai
first indian-american governor in the country - Louisiana.
1.5 Generation
refers to people who immigrate to a new country before or during their early teens
Hmong Means