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What are the five special senses:
olfaction, gustation, vision, equilibrium, and hearing
____glands, also called _______ glands , have secretions that absorb water and form a thick, pigmented mucus
Olfactory, Bowman's
Olfactory reception occurs on the surfaces of the _______as dissolved chemicals interact with receptors, called _______ proteins, on the membrane surface.
olfactory cilia

_______ are chemicals that stimulate olfactory receptors, these molecules bind to an olfactory cilium
The human tongue bears three types of lingual papillae:
(1) filiform (no taste buds)
(2) fungiform (5 taste buds)
(3) circumvallate papillae
(100 taste buds)
Taste buds are monitored by cranial nerves __, __, & __
VII (facial)
IX (glossopharyngeal)
X (vagus).
What are the primary taste sensations
sweet, sour, salty, bitter
This covers and protects the eye
The Palpebrae or eyelids
The two eyelids (Upper and Lower) are connected, however, at the:
Medial canthus
contains glands producing the thick secretions that contribute to the gritty deposits that sometimes appear after a good night's sleep.
Medial canthus
Cyst, generally resulting from the infection of a tarsal gland, or ______ gland
Chalazion (small lump)

the epithelium covering the inner surfaces of the eyelids and the outer surface of the eye
The Conjunctiva
Covers the anterior surface of the eye (the pink aspect doctors exams)
Ocular Conjunctiva
Is a transparent part of the outer fibrous layer of the eye. The ocular conjunctiva extends to its edges.