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Who used the civil service exam?
Ming & Qing Dynasty
Name some characteristics of the Ottoman Empire.
Semi-nomadic Turks
Scholars held administrative positions
Why did China become more open to foreigners?
To improve the economy.
Examine Confucian social hierarchy
Describe the trading system in the Indian Ocean.
Maritime system
Lateen sails
Trade of goods and cultures
Compare the Middle-Eastern slave trade to the European/American slave trade.
Americas -
Mostly male slaves
Hard labor
Middle East -
Slaves were treated more like servants
How were the colonization of New Spain and Brazil similar?
They both set up plantations, used slaves, and killed lots of natives.
Name some changes in economic life in East Asia.
There were more European's living and trading there. Asia becomes more involved in the world economy.
What was the dominant crop of Southeast Asia.
What is a Renaissance man?
A person that excels in many fields. Ex. Leonardo da Vinci
What was the main idea of 17th century scientists?
A mechanical view of the universe.
How did Renaissance Europe become interested in the works of the Greeks and Romans?
During the Crusades, Europeans learned about the Greeks and Romans through Muslim records.
What are characteristics of Renaissance paintings?
Focus on humans
Major use of light
Fresco - mural type paintings done on plaster.
What caused a decline in the power of the pope?
Rise of the Death Rate
What threat was posed by Enlightenment philosophies?
They encouraged individual rights, which was a threat to the Catholic Church.
What is Magellan's voyage?
First around the world
Sailed for Spain
Gave Spain claim on the Pacific
What were the effects of the Protestant Reformation?
Limited power of the Catholic Church
Increased the literacy of the common people
What are characteristics of a nation-state?
Colonies in many places -
What were the reasons for the rise of Protestantism?
People angry with Catholicism
Corruption in the Catholic church (the selling of indulgences angered people)
What was the purpose of the Counter-Reformation?
Catholic Reformation - trying to bring people back to Catholicism
What were some characteristics of European societies?
Bad living conditions
Most people were poor
What was ethnocentrism in Spain and Portugal?
Ethnocentrism - People thinking that their nation/culture is the best
The ethnocentrism between Spain and Portugal ended with the Treaty of Tordesillas.
Why were the following people from the Scientific Revolution important? (Copernicus, Newton, Kepler, Galileo)
Newton - Physics
Kepler - Science, Planetary Motion
Galileo - astronomy, telescope
Copernicus - Astronomy, heliocentric
List major European countries and their colonies.
England - North America
France - Canada
Spain - New Spain (Mexico) & Central America
Portugal - Brazil
Russia - Alaska
Why didn't the Reformation have an impact on Spain?
Laws prevented new ideas
Spanish Inquisition
List the reasons for European exploration
Where did the Dutch colonize?
New Amsterdam (New York)
East Asia
What was the importance of the printing press?
Spread of ideas
Made things more accessible
What was the importance of the Scientific Revolution?
Scientific method
New technology
Scientific and Medical discoveries
Math Symbols established
Explain the differences between capitalism and mercantilism.
Capitalism - Free trade
Mercantilism - State Controlled trade
What are conquistadores?
Spanish conquerors.
Explain plantation monoculture.
Growing one thing constantly
Caused environmental problems.
What were the destinations for the African slave trade.
The New World:
What was the Colombian Exchange?
Trade of goods between Old and New World.
What was the global impact of silver?
It flooded the market and the price went down.
Name some cash crops
Indigo, tobacco, wheat, barley, maize, beans, coffee
Compare Spanish and Portuguese colonies in the Americas.
They both relied on sugar.
What were the results of Columbus' voyages?
Led to decimation of natives
What increased the demand for slaves?
Less indentured servants
Explain the Triangular Trade, including what was sent where.
Europe to Africa - Manufactured goods
Africa to America - Slaves
America to Europe - Raw goods
What was the location of sugar plantations in the Americas?
Caribbean, Brazil, Latin America
Explain social status in Latin American colonies.
Explain the encomienda status and why it was abolished.
Cháttel - outright ownership
Because of the church
What was the result of Portuguese exploration of Africa?
They took control of gold and ivory trade.
List the reasons the Spanish were able to conquer the Native Americans.
Better weapons and armor
Manipulation (better tactics)
Characteristics of slavery in the Americas.
Characteristics of the time period from 1450-1750.
Americas involved in trade
Religious conflict
Technological improvement
Cultural exchange
Sugar and Silver - Positive impact on economy
Colombian exchange
Stability in Europe