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U.S. over latin america. Japan in East Asia
Sepoy Uprising
Hindu troops make mutiny with british officer.
Treaty of Waitangi
Maori population and New Zealand under british control
Maji-Maji Rebellion
expell german colonial authorities from East Africa. Sprinkle selves with magic water.
Spanish-American War
US try to get alliance against spain so it supports independence of Filipino against spain. Brought Philipines under American control.
Indentured Labor
Contracted laborers from poor status that were meant to replace slaves. Brought them to America in exchange for work comitment.
english writer who made up "White Man's Burden" (whiteman's job to enlighten distant lands)
founded the port of singapore (busiest center of trade in Strait of Melaka)
Henry Morton Stanley
helped develop commercial ventures and establish Congo Free State in Africa
Burton and Speke
look for source of nile
encourages European travel to Austrailia
US president = big time imperialist (get the panama canal)
relied on evolution theories to explain difference between weak and strong. explain why euro rule
mission civilsatrice
bring civilization/ christianity to others (the white man's burden) Justified euro expansion into africa
starts to decline so East India trading company take adcantage to expand it's trading posts. Euro creates sepoy out of this.
berlin conference
says any european state can establish africa colonies
monroe doctrine
america is staying nuetral between the rules of england and their colonies
Sino-Japenese war
only last 5 hours. Japan pones china. China agrees to see Korea as independent.
Goes to africa to soothe tuberculosis. Promote overseas expansion.
Queen Victoria
Assigned responsibility of Indian policy to newly established ofice of secretary of state for India.
african missionary (scottish)
employed stanley to develop comercial...
last monarch of hawaii