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Southwest Asia 100,000 BCE-8000 BCE
-Neandertal appearance
-Cro-Magnon appearance
-Venus Figurines
-Cave Paintings
-Beginnings of Agriculture
East Asia 100,000 BCE- 8000 BCE
Arrival of Homo Sapians
South Asia 100,000 BCE- 8000 BCE
Arrival of Homo Sapians
Africa 100,000 BCD- 8000 BCE
Evolution of Homo Sapians
Americas and Oceania 100,000 BCE-8000 BCE
-Human Migration to Australia and New Guinea
-Human Migration from Siberia to Alaska
-Human Migration to South America
Southwest Asia 8000-3500 BCE
-Copper Metallurgy
-Textile Production
-Rise of Cities
East Asia 8000-3500 BCE
-Domestication of Rice
-Neolithic Villages on Yellow River
-Yangshao culture
South Asia 8000-3500 BCE
-Beginnings of Agriculture
-Cultivation of Cotton
Africa 8000-3500 BCE
-Sudaniz cultivation
-Beginnings of agriculture in Nile Valley
Americas and Oceania 8000-3500 BCE
-Beginnings of agriculture in Mesoamerica
-Beginnings of maize cultivation in Mesoamerica
-Beginnings of agriculture in New Guinea
-First of Austornesians to Bismark and Solomon Islands