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during the period of the warring daimyos, what was the factor that led to a revival of Chinese influence on the cultural level?
zen buddhism
what group was responsible for the fall of the southern song dyanasty in 1279?
who was the founder of the Tang dynasty?
Li yuan
warrior leaders in the tenth centruy in Japan who controlled provincial areas and ruled from small fortresses in the countryside were called...?
what caused the flight of the Song dynasty from thier capital in northern China?
the invasions of the Jurchens who had formed the Qin kingdom
what was the innovation of the Abbasid wourt with respect to women?
the establishment of the harem
while the position of Aztec women in many ways paralleled that of women in other civilizations at a similar stage of developement, what was the significant difference between the life of women in Mesoamerica and in the Mediterranean world?
the limited technology of mesoamerica confined women to many more hours grinding grain for food.
how did the Aztecs view the cultural achievements of the Toltecs?
as the givers of civilization
what was a result of the conflict between the Byzantine Empire and the Arab Muslims?
The position of small farmers in the Empire was weakened as a result of heavy tazxation, resulting in greater aristocratic estates.
what was the impact on Confucianism of the Tang repression of the Buddhists?
confucianism emerged as the central ideology of Chinese civilization until the twentieth century.
what was the nature of the material culture of bedouin society?
ecept in the sedentary agricultural communites of the south, there was little art or architectrue; and the cief focus of cultural creativity was oral poetry.
what was the impact of the crusades on the Christian west?
christians adopted military techniques, words, scientific learning, and Arabic numerals among other things.
wht were primary exports of the Byzantine Empire?
raw materials such as metal ores from asia minor.
what happened after Muhammad's death in 632?
many of the bedouin tribes renounced Islam.
what was the religious affiliation of the Seljuk Turks?
The dynasty that ended the period of political chaos after the fall of the Qin-Han was the..?
During the post classical period societies in the Americas...?
remained entierely separate from those of the Old World.
What was the result of the imperial attempt to suppress Buddhism within the Chinese empire?
Buddhism survived the repression, but in a reduced state without the political influence of the early Tang years.
what was the Umayyad attitude to other religions?
the umayyads displayed tolerance towards the religions of dhimmi peoples.
what was the principle advantage of the Islamic concept of the ummah?
it transcended old tribal boundaries and made possible political unity among Arab clans.
why was theCaliph uthman disliked by so many Arabs?
he was the first caliph to be chosen from muhammad's early enemies, the umayyads
what was the impact of the rise of the samurai on the pesantry in Japan?
Japanese peasants were reduced to the status of serfs bound to the land they worked.
the inca nobility were...?
drawn from 10 royal ayllus and the city of Cuzco.
What was the Aztec view of history?
like other mesoamerican peoples, the aztecs pelieved in a cyclical pattern of repetititive destructions of the world.
What group of peoples were responsible for the conquest of Kievan Russia after 1236?
Mongols ( Tartars)
What was the impact of expansion and conquest on the Aztec social system?
From a loose association of clans, Aztec society became a stratified society.
what was the impact of the cusades on Islam?
There was minimal western impact on islam.
What was the nature of pre-islamic bedouin religion?
bedouin religion for most clans was a blend of animism and polytheism focusing on the worship of nature spirits.
what appears to have been the primary concerns at the imperial Japanese court at Heian?
social conventions and original verse
What government replaced the Kamakura regime in the early 14th century in Japan?
Ashikaga Shogunate
The Arabic camel nomads were referred to as ...?
the period of political disorder and chaotic warfare that followed the Qin-Han era is referred to as...?
era of Division
what was the immediate impact of the imperial move to Heian?
the aristocracy was resotored to counterbalance the power of the Buddhist monasteries and took over most of the positions in the central government.
what made the reunification of China undr the first Sui emperor possible?
the support of the nomadic warrior elite
how did the Song empire comare to the Tang?
the song empire was smaller in territorial extent than the Tang empire.
how did the principles of warfare change under the daimyos?
scientific warfare based on s[uing, timely assaults, wise command and organization of massive armies replaced heroic combat.
by the eleventh and twelfth centuries, what was the status of the japanese court aristocracy?
aristocratic families at the court depended on alliances with the provincial warrior elite in order to exercise any power.
what was a difference between the spread of civilization in eastern and western europe?
they produced different versions of Christianity, culturally as well as organizationally separate.
what was the initial response of the Umayyads to Muhammad's new faith?
they regarded him as a threat to thier wealth and power as he questioned the traditional gods of the ka'ba.
Islam means...?
what was the Ka'ba?
the religious shrine that was the focus of an annual truce.
what was muhammad's teaching with respect to the revelations of other monotheistic religions?
muhammad accepted the validity of earlier Christian and Judaic revelations and taught that his own revelations were a final refinement and reformulation of erlier ones.
what represents a mounting pressure for change in pre-islamic society?
greater byzantine and Sasanian control over Arabic tribes of the peninsula and Arabic migration to Mesopotamia.
what was the umayyad responce to Muhammad's migration to Medina and subsequent succes there?
war broke out between mecca and Medina resulting in the eventual victory of Muhammad and the Medina clans.
Leaders of bedouin clans were called...?