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drew a line of demarcation to divide the world between Spain and Portugal
Treaty of Tordesillas
end of French expansion in North America
Treaty of Utrecht
uprising occuring in 1676 that burnt down Jamestown, against Native Americans
Bacon's Rebellion
colonizer of Massachusetts Bay
John Winthrop
meeting encouraged by Britain during French and Indian War to keep Iroquois friendly
Albany Congress
British decree prohibiting settlement past the appalachians
Proclamation of 1763
items made in Britain to be taxed
Townshend Acts
acts to punish Boston for the tea party
Intolerable Acts (Quebec Act, Boston Port Bill, etc)
Patrick Henry, Sam and John Adams
Locke and Rousseau
philosophers..ideas put into Dec of Ind
Howe, Burgoyne, St. Leger, Cornwallis
british commanders in Rev War
townships six miles square would be surveyed
Land Ordinance of 1785
farmers rebellion 1786 against foreclosure of farms
Shay's Rebellion
divided the Northwest territory and provided steps for territories to become states
Northwest Ordinance 1787
attempts to revise AOC
Alexandria and Annapolis Conferences
large state plan for a bicamerical leg. based on population
Virginia Plan
small state plan for unicameral leg and equal rep.
New Jersey Plan
compromise dealing with state rep. in congress
Great (CT) Compromise
compromise for countin slaves for rep. in congress
3/5 compromise
Washington, Hamilton, Madison and Franklin were this political party
Federalists (Federalist No. 10)
Henry, Hancock and Mason were this party
political system were power is divided between the central govt and states
amendment giving citizesns protection of rights not mentioned
9th amend
amendment reserving to the states and people rights not delegated by const
10th amend
major features of Hamilton's..discouraged international competition, pay off debts,develop manufacturing, national bank
Tariff of 1789, Report on Public Credit, Report on Manufactures, BUS
southerners agree to support Hamilton if capitol is moved to South
Assumption Bill
defenders of the bank cite this interpretation of the consitution
loose interpration
washingtons warning not to enter with european powers during the French Rev
Neutrality Proclamation
British agree to remove forts in American W.
Jay Treaty 1794
treaty opoens up lower Mississippi from Spain
Pinckney Treaty
farmers refuse to pay excise tax under washington
Whiskey Rebellion
3 US commissioners try to negotiate with france with shady dealings
XYZ affair (Adams)
series of acts passed under Adams to silence dem-rep opposition
Alien and Sedition Acts
theory of government supporting states rights
compact theory
movement favoring strict interp, agrarian society, french support,under who? party?
Dem Reps, Jeff
loose interp, capitalists, industry, britain under who? party?
Feds, Hamilton
Jefferson's purchase of LA and land west of Mississippi
LA purchase 1803
Essex decision, Leopard-Chesapeake Incident, Berlin Decree
1800's..war of 1812?
Embargo Act, Nonintercourse Act, Macons Bill
Jeff sought to punish Brtish and French
court case: judicial review
Marbury vs. Madison
court cases: federal over states rights
Fletcher vs. Peck, Martin v. Hunter's Lessee, Darmouth vs. Woodward, Cohens vs. VA
court case: national bank
McCulloch vs. MD
court case: interstate trade
Gibbons vs. Ogden
US buys florida (treaty)
Adams-Onis Treaty
Mexico loses northern territory (treaty)
Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
US buys strip from Mexico for RR
Gadsden Purchase
guys who wanted the War of 1812
war hawks (Calhoun and Clay)
treaty ending war of 1812
Treaty of Ghent
demilitarize great lakes after war of 1812 (treaty)
Rush-Bagot Treaty
court case: marshall courts indian rulings against and for indians
Cherokee Nation vs. Ga
Worcester vs. Ga
treaty w/ britain about boundary of maine and canada, surpress slaves
Webster-Ashburton Treaty
clay's plan to protect industry, facilitiate credit and currency
American System
decade of Dem Rep rule after war of 1812
era of good feelings
adams becomes president with clay as sec of state
corrupt bargain
jackson and van burens years in office
Age of Reform
jackson's informal advisors
kitchen cabinet
jackson vetoed this contruction plan
Maysville road
2nd great awakening guy
amendment: universal male suffrage
abolitionist who wrote the Liberator
william l. garrison
Shakers, Oneida community, haromists, amana colony, brook farm
utopian societies
calhoun's nullification paper
SC exposition
VA, KY resolutions, Hartford Conv, SC Expos, null
compact theory
Texas vs. White, Marshall Ct, Locke
Contract theory
debate over nullification in the senate
webster-hayne debate
california free state, fugitive slave law, UT, NM, no slaves in DC
Compromise of 1850
douglas's plan that slavery would be settled thru pop sov
KS NE act
proslavery leg. accepted by Buchanan..KS would enter slave state
Lecompton Const
john browns crazy slave thing
Harper's Ferry
ky senators last attempt to compromise back to the miss. comp before civil war breaks out
Crittenden Comp
Union warship seized british ship with confed diplomats on it
trent affair
civil war battle=emanc proc
border states during war that had slaves but didnt secede
md, mo, ky, de
union turning point in civil war
site of treaty ending civil war
appomattox ct house
high protective tariff after war & high education
Morill Tariff and Land Grant Act
development of west after Civ
Homestead Act
estab after civ war to help blacks and poor whites get food and med care, farmland
Freedmen's bureau
radical republican(sumner) supported punitive reconstruction bill
Wade-Davis bill
nations first black congressman
Hiram Revels
congress passed after civil war, illegal to use force to disenfranchising citizens
Force Act
Credit Mobilier and Whiskey Ring, Tweed Ring, Gould and Fisk
Grant admint corruption 1868-ish
rr leg. in 1860s
pacific rr act
guy for vert int
hor and vert int, holding co
creates US Steel
JP Morgan
clause that suppresses labor unions
'due process'
spencer and sumner
social darwinism
author 'it is your duty to get rich acres of diamonds'
russell conwell
Bellamy, George, Lloyd
IWW under...
big bill haywood
B & O strike, Hayes calls in army
RR strike 1877
carnegie steel strike
Homestead Strike (1890s
american railway strike under socialist debs, cleveland sends in troops
Pullman Strike 1890s
act cited in supressing unions
Sherman antitrust
this shop gives workers a choice to join union
open shop
no choice but to join union
closed shop
president 1868-1876
president 1912
"do little" gov't presidents between 1868-1912
Hayes, Garfield, Arthur, Harrison
president who came in after lots of corruption..tried honesty, limited chinese immigration
election reflected division between stalwarts and halfbreeds
president who said he was a stalwart but changed his mind and supported the Pendleton Civil Service Act
president w/ the billion dollar congress
legislation under billion dollar congress
McKinley Tariff, Sherman Silver Purchase Act, Sherman Anti-trust, Wilson-Gormon (inc. tariff)
financial panic that led to the silver issue
Panic of 1873
1892 Greenback/Populist candidate
James Weaver
congress stopped coinage of silver
Crime of '73
compromise allowing the limited coinin of silver at a ratio
Bland-Allison Act
Farmer's Alliance girl 'raise less corn and more hell'
Mary Elizabeth Lease
court case: states could regulate RRs
Munn vs. Illinois
cc: states can establish interstate regulations
Peik v. Chicago & NW RR
cc: reversal of Peik case, commerce under authority of federal govt
Illinois vs. Wabash
act that required reasonable shipping rates and elimation of rr abuses
Inerstate Commerce Act (1886)
populist platform name
Omaha Platform
organized march of the unemployed to DC
Jacob Coxey
running vp under Bryan (populist)
Tom Watson
helped run McKinley's gold campaign
Mark Hanna
supporters of clevelands pro-gold campaign
gold bugs
Sioux wipe out Custer in 1876
Battle of Little Big Horn
us wipe out the sioux
Battle of Wounded Knee
term for making native americans like christian americans
indian plan- give them plots of land and citizenship and try to be civilized
Dawes-Severalty act
theorists about american imperalism
Hobson, Lenin, Luxemburg, Schumpeter
Mckinley's sec of state for chinese open door
John Hay
year the frontier was closed
navy guy who wanted acquisition of colonies, top navy, imperialism
Alfred Mahan (Influence of sea power upon history)
reverend who called for civilizing lesser cultures
Josiah Strong
the politics of reality
bryan twain and carnegie formed this against expnasionism
anti-imperialist league
treaty ending the russo-japanese war
Treaty of Portsmouth
agreement where us got phillipines and japan got korea
Taft-Katsura Agreement
agreement to preserve chinese independce, support open door, and for US and japanese to get along
Root-Takahira Agreement
chinese group that tried to drive out foreigners in 1900
us will take cuba by force if spain doesnt agree, under Pierce
Ostend Manifesto
journalism during span-am war
Yellow Press (Hearst and Pulitzer)
2 things that spurred span am war
delome letter, sinking of the maine
amendment saying cubans would be granted autonomy once spain is defeated
american commander in spanam war
George Dewey
amendment saying us will intervene in cuban affairs
act providing puerto ricco with political autonomy, to an extent
Foraker Act
rights privilieges given to US not apply to overseas territories
Insular cases
spanam war helped him be reelected
dollar diplomacy pres
am occupies these southern countries
cuba, dr, haiti, nicaragua, mexico, colombia
these acts same name, gave rights to filipinos and puerto ricans in 1916-7
jones act
presidents under progressive era
TR, Taft, Wilson
Fair deal
New Frontier
middle class reformers during early 1900s
leader of progressive movement, relgion and socialism
photographer muckraker
Jacob Riis
oil muckraker
Ida Tarbell
author exposing corrupt californians
Norris, The Octopus
muckraker, municipal corruption
Lincoln Steffens
ran courrpt dem. party machine in KS City
corruption reform: league to help city govtsq
National Municipal League
progressive WI senator
La Follette
group and man that went on strike in 1902, fdr threatens army but negotiates instead
United Mine Workers, Mitchell
act strengthening interstate commerce act, RR stuff
Elkins Act, Hepburn Act, Mann-elkins act
corrupt rr monopoly dissolved under TR
Northern Sec. Co
dept. of agr. under tr
corps dissolved by Taft
Tobacco, Standard Oil
high tariff under conservative taft
agr. controversy under taft
ballinger-pinchot (also speaker of the house, antitrust us steel)
1912 candidates
tr (bullmoose) taft (rep) wilson (dem) debs (socialist)
1913 tariff- first reduction in 50 years
Underwood Tariff (Wilson)
1914 act to brekak up monopolies
Clayton Anti-trust (Duplex v. Deering)
1914 created to control trusts and monopolies
1913 - national bank leg
Fed Reserve Act
maximum hour leg under wilson
Adamson 8 Hour Act
child lab act ruled unconst by (Hammer v. Dagenhart)
cc: invalidates limited night work hours
Lochner vs. NY
cc: upholds law limited work hours for women workers
Muller vs. OR
cc: maximum 10 hour workday for women unconstitutional!
Adkins vs. Kids Hospital
black created tuskegee institute
Booker T
Niagara Movement
Du Bois
black- Universal Negro Improvement Assoc, Africa
Triple Alliance/central powers
Germany, Austria, Ottomoan
triple entente/allies
britain, france, russia, us, jap, it
lusitania and sussex
pre WWI boats
german wont sink passenger boats
sussex pledge
initial us response to german sinkings
armed neutrality
german deal w/ mex that pisses off us before wwI
zimmerman note
2 major causes of us involvement in ww1
zimmerman note & russian rev
wwI act that fined people who helped the enemy
espionage act
cc: consitutionality of espionage act, ww I (dissuading draftees)
schenck vs. US
act criminal to discourage war bon sales
sedition act
led by baruch, wwI thing
War Industries Board
hoover, to mobilize agr in wwI
Lever Act
wwI board to prevent labor problems
War Labor Board
Big Four
clemenceau, orlando, george, wilson
wilsons shit
league of nations, 14 pts
irreconcilable Rep after WWI
Henry Cabot Lodge
plan to reduce germanays reparations after wwI
dawes plan, young plan
1920 act selling ships to private people
Jones Merchant Marine
act- control of rr returned to private companies 1920
Esch-Cummins act
plan where govt would purchase the rrs
Plumb Plan
tax plan to reduce govt spenidng and protect industry in 1920s
mellon tax plan
1920s tariff- high tariffs on imports
fordney mccumber tariff
hardings corruption scandal, us oil reserves
Teapot Dome
bill that would let govt purchase crops to maintain prices (coolidge)
McNary-Haugen bill
act enforcing prohibition
Volstead Act
attys against each other in scopes
bryan and darrow
johnson, toomer, cullen, hughes
harlem ren
raids of atty generals house yr)
palmer raids 1919
trial over italian anarchists
sacco vanzetti
group trying to limit foreing inflence
nativist acts
literacy test, emergency quota (s & e imm, 1920s) immigartion, chinese exclusion
conservative presidents 1920s and 30s
harding, coolidge, hoover
highest protective tariff in nationals history
Hawley-Smoot tariff
hoovers attempt to solve depression
reconstruction finance corp, fed home loan act
during depression, demand war money
bonus army
smart people in FDRS cabinet
brain trust
FDR- act forbids banks from speculation, FDIC
glass-steagall act
called for old age pension plan during New Deal
cc: court invalidates NIRA
schechter poultry corp vs. us
cc: court invalidates AAA
butler vs. us
first woman with cabinet- sec of labor under FDR
frances perkins
area bad boy hitler occupied prior to ww11
rhine valley
conference where hitler gets czece (rhineland)
munich conference
german invasion of this country lead france and britan to declar ww II
italy had invaded this country before wwII
this 2 crazy ass countries actually signed a nonagression pact in 1939
soviet union and germany
authoritarin, antidemocratic ec and polit system- italy and germany were examples
system requiring obedience to the leader, germany and soviet union were examples
polit system where citizens have basic rights (great britan, US)
social, political, ec system with private ownership controlled by state, soviet union
American brigade supporting spanish republican government in spanish civil war
abraham lincoln brigade
side that hitler and mussolini supported in spanish civil war
fascist general Francisco Franco
FDR's stance during spanish civil war
supports loyalists, but cant sent anything cuz of neutrality act of 1937
japans pre wwII dream to have its own asian empire
co-prosperity sphere
japans puppet government in manchuria 1931
wwII doctrone that US would not recognize japan's manchukuo in china, will adhere to 9 power treaty
Stimson Doctrine
US gunboat sunk by japanese planes
Axis Powers
Japan, Germany, Italy
FDRS policies before entering WWII
cash and carry, lend lease, destroyers for bases, draft
FDRS 4 freedoms
freedom from want and fear, freedom of speech and religion
churchill and fdr secret meeting declaring 2 nations similar goals that contradicted with axis powers
Atlantic Charter
FDR plan to ensure black fair treatment in economy
Fair Employment Practices Committee
this president desegregated the military finally
court cases that charged german concentration camp people with crimes against humanity
Nuremberg war crimes trial
post wwII conferences..ummm...
casablanca, teheran, yalta, potsdam
president that took over when FDR died in 1945
big legislature for highway development under eisenhower
Interstate Highway Act 1956
Servicemen's Readjustment Act that help with loans and schools nickname
GI Bill
this program during and after wwII kept inflation levels down
Office of Price Admin
name for states like florida texas and california settled in the '50s
development contractor in the '50s who massproduced lowpriced family homes (Long Island)
William Levitt, Levittown
act that passed over trumans veto that was very anti-labor unions
Taft-Hartley Act
true or false: truman cared about civil rights
true. committee on civil rights, desegregates govt and armed forces, black judges
first secretary of department of health, educ, welfare
Oveta Culp Hobby
president involved in the orval faubus/little rock arkansas incident
court case involved in little rock high school dispute (14th amend)
cooper v. aaron
first civil rights leg since reconstruction
Civil Rights Act 1957
in this presidents short term, housing act, minimum wage act, water pollution shit
atty general under JFK who was for civil rights
black guy who tried to go to the university of mississippi..jfk helped him out
James Meredith
governor who tried to prevent blacks from enrolling at University of Alabama
George Wallace
MLK Jr's organization
Southern Christian Leadership Conference
guy who took over when JFK died
parts of Johnsons great society
Dept. of Housing and Urban Development, Medicare and Medicaid, Ec. Opp. Act
true or false: johnson did stuff about civil rights
true. civil rights and voting rights act
24th and 25th amendments?
prohibits poll tax, vp takes over if pres croaks
Seale, Newton and Cleaver
leaders of the Black Panthers
26th amendment
lowers voting age to 18
nixons corrupt organization
name for nixons burglars
special prosecutor for watergate trial
Archibald Cox
year nixon resigns
ford did this wack thing right after getting in office
pardons nixon
true or false: ford did a kickass job fighting inflation
pardons vietnam draft evaders, dept of energy and eeducation created, talks about panama canal, sucky job with inflation
stuff carter did
modern pres associated with deep government spending cuts, and business dereg
reagon attacked this poor union that wears ear protectors
air traffic controllers union PATCO
reagons economic solution
supply side economics
supply side economics
tax cuts for big business to help others, harkens back to mellon in the '20s
reagans presidency saw nation go from being a _____ nation to an insane ______ nation
creditor, debtor (200 billion!)
this helped fixed reagons budget deficit
Gramm-Rudman-Hollings Balanced Budget Act
Hitlers failed invastion of the soviet union
Operation Barbarossa
soviet buffer zone in eastern europe
soviet-bloc nations
the US replaced irans government with this guy
Shah Reza Pahlavi
American diplomat and specialist in Russian affair.s...formed US anti soviet position
George Kennan
Kennan called for this policy in russia
sec of state under truman..he had a good plan
France and Britans mutual defense pact after wwII
brussels treaty
this organization had 15 members at first, peacetime european thing in 1955
soviets response to NATO
Warsaw Pact
Eisenhower's secretary of state
John Foster Dulles
Dulle's foreign policy (Walmart!)
rollback communism, brinksmanship, massive retaliation
soviet leader after stalin
soviets worlds first satellite
signed under jfk/johnson? bans nuclear weapons in oceans, atmosphere, outer space
limited test ban treaty
pres for SALT I
reagans retarded star wars (SDI) stuff spurred this
1949 organization to help south american countries
Organization of American States
country where US used CIA to overthrow a good leader, jacobo arbenz!
country where JFK/ike put in a trade embargo
us had missiles in turkey, soviets gonna put some in cuba, 'quarantine' cuba
cuban missile crisis jfk
johnson sent troops here to prevent leftist govt
nixon and kissinger overthrow this countrys leader
leftist nicaraguan revs
sandinistas (REAGAN)
nicaragua rebel group supported by us until the Boland Amendment
contras (REAGAN)
reagan screwed with this lil country
mao zedong fought this anti communist nationalist
jiang jieshi
who won the chinese civil war?
communists (TRUMAN)
north korean communist guy
Kim Il Sung
south korean anticommunist guy
Syngman Rhee
year of Korean war and pres
1950, Truman
true or false: us successfully contained communism in south korea
vietnam war: year and presidents
1950s and 60s kennedy, johnson and nixon
leader of vietnamese independence movement
ho chi minh
ho chi minh's nationalist guerrilla force
viet minh
conference were cambodia laos and vietnam get independence
1954 geneva conf
US back South Vietnam guy
Ngo Dinh Diem
vietnameze communist guerilla force
leg. that gave johnson a blank check in vietnam
Gulf of Tonkin Resolution
nixons vietnam plan
what made the vietnam war especially hard for americans/negative feelings?
tv coverage
vietnam offensive that screwed over the US
Tet Offensive 1968
discovery saying US misled public into vietnam war
pentagon paperss
year of US removal from vietnam
carters human rights, 3rd world policies
panama canal, el salvador govt, peace treaty with egypt and israel, SALT, boycotts olympics, iran-contra affair
Gorbachevs policies in the '80s
perestroika (free market economy) glasnost (democratic freedom)