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Blacks are not citizens and are therefore unable to take court action.
Dred Scott Decision
Warned against entangling foreign alliances.
Washington's Farewell Address
Issued in response to the Tarriff of Abominations by South Carolina
Nullification Ordinance
One judge will be added for each judge over 70 by FDR
Court Packing Plan
"So you're the little lady who caused this big war". Author of Uncle Tom's Cabin
Harriet Beecher Stowe
No new colonies shall be formed in the western hemisphere by easter hemishere powers
Monroe Doctrie (Written mostly by Adams)
These two states will decide the issues of slavery through popolar sovereignty. Overturned Missouri Compromise, though not formally.
Kansas-Nebraska Act
Declared that colonists couldn't settle west of the Appalachian Mountains.
Proclamation of 1763
John Scopes was on trial for teaching evolution instead of traditional creation.
Scopes Monkey Trial
Overturned Plessy V. Ferguson. Declared Seperate but equal unconstitutional.
Brown V. Board of Education
After the Civil War, used to help freed blacks adjust to their new life.
Freedman's Bureau
Involved a tariff used to raise funds for internal improments.
American System
Ended the war of 1812
Treaty of Ghent
Advocated vocational and technological schools for blacks. Established Tuskegee institute
Booker T. Washington
Harvard boy established NAACP.
W.E.B. Du Bois
France required a bribe before talking with US representatives
XYZ affair
Advocated loose constructionism and ratification of the Constitution
Required a promise of a bill of rights before ratifying the constitution
Allowed Hayes to be elected president in return to an end to reconstruction
Compromise of 1877
Califonia in as a free state, the rest of the states of the Mexican Cession decided through popular soveriegnty, DC banned slave trade, Fugitive Slave Law enacted
Compromise of 1850
First State to let women vote
Described the prime cash crop in the south during the time of the new nation
King Cotton
Judicial Review
Marbury v. Madison
All states above 36'30 carved from Louisiana Purchase will be free.
Missouri Compromise
Included WPA, CCC etc to bring the country out of Depression
New Deal
Required a population of 60,000 before a territory could apply for statehood
Northwest Ordinance
Authorized the president to deport anyone he deemed necessary. Made it a crime to publish anything false or against the government.
Alien and Sedition Acts
Required the time needed to become a citizen increase from 5 years to 14
Naturalization Act
Written by the pilgrims. Sometimes reffered to as the precursor to the Constitution.
Mayflower Compact.
Election invoving Roosevelt's Bull Moose Party, and the winner won only 42% of the popular vote
Election of 1912
Written in response to the Alien and Sedition Acts
Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions
Started by John Browns, included five blacks and ended with state militia
Raid on Harper's Ferry
The idea that Darwin's theory can be extended and applied to the social realm.
Social Darwinism
Pursued a violent approach to Civil Rights Movement
Malcom X
Restricted Power of Labor Unions
Taft-Hartley Act
Aimed to prevent a "restraint of trade," such as contracts or trusts
Sherman Anti-Trust Act
Truman's Policy of Social improvement, including an expansion of unemployment benefits.
Fair Deal
Involved Britain's vacation of forts on US territory.
Jay's Treaty
Published the abolitionist newspaper, the Liberator
Wiliam Lloyd Garrison
The former World War II general and soon to be retired commander-in-chief uses this opportunity to caution the American public "against the acquisition of unwarranted influence... by the military industrial complex."
Eisenhower's Farewell Adress
Author of "The Significance of the Frontier in American History"
Fredrick Jackson Turner
Author of "The Rise of American Civilization" which popularized the idea of the Civil War as a Second American Revolution
Charles Beard
Author "Civil Disobedience"- an analysis of the individual's relationship to the state which focuses on why men obey governmental law even when they believe it to be unjust.
Henry David Thoreau
Allowed over 120,000 people of Japanese decent to be kept in intermnet camps during WWII
Executive Order 9066
Essay by Ralph Waldo Emerson which reflected his views on transcendentalism.
Self Reliance
Written by Andrew Carnegie that described responsibility of phianthropy by the new upper class of self-made rich
The Gospel of Wealth
Protestant Christian intellectual movement that was most prominent in the late 19th to early 20th century
Social Gospel Movement
Asserted the right of the US to intervene to stabilize the economic affairs of small nations in Latin America.
Roosevelt Corollary
Wrote 135 dime novels, many of which have been described as rags to riches stories.
Horatio Alger
Founder of the first black labor union
Asa Philip Randolph
Paternalistic textile facory system of the early 19th century that relied almost exclusively on young, unmarried women laborors and puported to increase efficiency, productivity and profits.
Lowell System
American leader of organized labor and served as president of the United Mine Workers from 1920 -1960q
John L. Lewis
Wartime Conferences, Challenged of post war demilitarization, conflicting visions of postwar recontruction
Break down of post war peace between USSR and US
Defense attorney in the Scopes Monkey Trial with William Jennings Bryan as prosecution
Clarence Darrow
Co-founded Nation Farm Workers Association. Civil rights activist for migran and farm workers
Cesar Chavez
Neutrality in this war lead to problems between the US and both Britain and France. Eventually lead to the War of 1812
French Revolution
Jackson's two week late victory over the British
Battle of New Orleans
A period of intense anti-communist suspicion in the US from 1940s - 1950s
McCarthyism or the Second Red Scare
series of controversial raids by the U.S. Justice and Immigration Departments from 1919 to 1921 on the radical left in the United States.
Palmer Raids
LBJ's program with goals including elimination of poverty and racial injustice
Great Society
Paid farmers to plant less to raise crop prices.
Part of FDR's new deal, authorized the president to regulate buisness to promote fair competition, creating jobs, etc.
baptized persons of moral life and orthodox belief might receive the privilege of baptism for their children and other church benefits, without the full enrolment in membership
Half way covenant
dispute involving Anglican clergy in colonial Virginia, arising (1755, 1758) when laws commuted clerical salaries, previously paid in tobacco, to currency at the rate of twopence a pound when tobacco was selling at sixpence a pound
Parson's cause
Blending statecraft and sport, table tennis matches between American and Chinese athletes set the stage for Nixon's breakthrough with the People's Republic
Ping Pong Diplomacy
This invention by Elie Whitney increased productivity
Cotton Gin
Purchase of stock with loaned money, short signed ecomomic policies, unstable economy, stock market crash
Causes of the Great Depression
WWII stimulated the economy ending this
Great Depression
When denied permission by President Truman to risk war with China, Gen. MacArthur tried to bypass the President by writing the Speaker of the House of Representatives, thinking he could obtain Congressional support for his mission. Unauthorized policy statements.
Why Truman fired McArthur
In fourteen hundreed and ninety two, he sailed the ocean blue and first landed in what is now cuba and the dominican republic.
Because they were traditionally enemies of Britain and they saw this as a way to hurt Britain while helping themselves at the same time.
Why France supported the colonies in the American Revolution
Russian missiles in Cuba, Monroe Doctrine says stay out, Kennedy decides on Quarantine, it works perfectly.
Cuban Missle Crisis
One of the first modern preservationists. His letters and essays were read by millions.
John Muir
Use of Mississippi and the right of Deposit in New orleans
Picknet Treaty, 1800
US stopped all foreign trade in an effort to pressure Britain and France into respection our rights as neutral
Embargo, 1807
US declared war against Great Britain in an effort to gain Canada, an end to indian troubles on the frontier and respect for our righs as Neutral
War of 1812
Settled boundary or maine, ended arostook war
Treaty of Greenville
Spain ceded florida, gave up oregon. Us gave up Texas and $5 million in claims
Adams-Onis treaty
Mutual diarmament of the great lakes
Rush-Bagot treaty
US would remain friendly and impartial during french revolution
Proclamation of Neurality
US purchased land to guarantee Americans permanent use of the Mississippi
Louisiana purchase