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Empress of China
1784; ship; used to lead the way to trading with East Asian markets; traded gingseng
Old Northwest
northwest of the Ohio River; east of the Mississippi River; south of the Great Lakes
Land Ordinance of 1785
acreage of the Old NW should be sold; used to pay off national debt
Northwest Ordinance of 1787
area under federal government; with 60,000 people could become a state; no slavery
Shays's Rebellion
led by Captain Daniel Shays; 1786; Massachusetts; debtors and farmers demanded cheap paper money, lighter taxes and suspension of property takeovers; small skirmishes; ended with three people killed
Constitution Convention of 1787
Philadelphia; 55 emissaries from 12 states (no RI); wrote the Constitution; George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, Benjamin Franklin, James Madison; held in secrecy; "demigods"
Virginia (large-state) Plan
bicameral congress; representation based on size of population; favored larger states
New Jersey (small-state) Plan
unicameral congress; 2 senators per state, regardless of size and population; much like in the Articles of Confederation
Great Compromise
bicameral Congress; House of Representatives - reps based on population size; Senate - 2 senators per state
Three-Fifths Compromise
Slaves count as 3/5 of a person when voting