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"Kentucky bluegrass"
European bluegrass that appeared after tall Kentucky cane was burned down; made ideal pasture for livestock; lured thousands more American homesteaders into Kentucky
"No Irish Need Apply"; written on signs commonly posted at factory gates; native workers did not like Irish because they felt like the Irish would take their jobs
German Forty-Eighters
Germans who fled to America in hopes of democracy after the collapse of the democratic revolutions in 1848; more than Irish immigrants; contributed the wagon, Kentucky rifle, Christmas tree
feared that foreigners would outbreed, outvote, and overwhelm "natives"; antiforeignism; rallied for political action against foreignism (especially Catholicism); formed the "know-nothing party"; wanted restrictions on immigration; occasional mass violence
1807; installed bu Robert Fulton; powerful steam engine in a vessel; "Fulton's Folly"; touched off steam boat craze; made 150 mile run in 32 hours; first famous steamboat
Cyrus Field
the greatest wire puller in history; stretched a cable under the deep North Atlantic water from Newfoundland to Ireland in 1858; bound together the US and the world
Pony Express
established in 1860; made to carry mail speediliy the 2000 miles from St. Joseph, Mississippi to Sacramento, California; riders were about 10 miles apart; could make the trip in 10 days
Market Revolution
transformed a substistence economy of scattered farms and tiny workshops into a national network of industry and commerce