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Louis Sullivan
perfected the sky skrapers of Chicago in 1885
Sister Carrie
written by Theordore Dresiser
- woman's escapafe and dazzling and attractive city
Sears and Montgomery Ward
made cheap and easily produced goods
- thrown away easily
dumbbell tenements
worst of the slums
- cramped, poor santitation
Walter Rauschenbush
preached the " social gospel"
- insisted that churches tackle slums and poverty
Washington Gladden
- preached the "social gospe"
insisted that churches tackle slums and poverty
Jane Addam
- found Hull House in 1889
- for immigrants
- taught adults and cildren necessary skilss
Lillian Wald's Henry Street Settlemnt
- helped immigrans
- opened in 1893
Florence Kelley
- fought for women workers and against child labor
American Protective Association (APA)
- anti- foreign organization
- against new immigration
Dwight Lyma Moody
- proclaimed gospel of kindness and foregiveness
-- founded the Moody Bible Institute
Moody Bible Institute
- founded by Dwight Lyman Moody
-founded in 1889
Cardinal Gibbons
- preached American unity
- popular with catholic and protestants
Salvation Aermy
relgion founed in 1890 tied to help poor
Church of Christ, Scientists
founded by Mary Barker Eddy
- Christianity heals sickness
Charles Darwin
- published One the Origin of Species
- talked about evolution
- broke from fundamnetalists and refused to believe that the Bible was completely accurate
Robert G. Ingersoll
- denounced creation
- believed in evolution
Chautauqua Movement
- adult school
- public lectures
Booker T. Washington
formed Tuskegee trade school in Alabama
- avoided social equality
George Washington Carver
scientists who cultivated penuts
W.E.B. DuBois
-first black to get a Ph. D from Harvard University
- founded the NAACP
Black Colleges
- emerged after the civil war
- Howard University, Atlanta Universtiy, Hampton University
Morrill Act of 1862
provide grants to build public schools
Hatch Act of 1887
provide federal fund for the stablishment of agricultural experiemtns statins in connection with lan- grant colleges
Johns Hopkins University
- nation's first high- grad graduate school
Dr. Charles W. Elliot
- launched college elective system
- president of Harvard
William James
- established behavioral pyscology
- wrote, " The Principles of Psycology" and " the Will to believe" and " varietitis of Religious Experience
- book written by William James
- everything has a purpose
Library of Congres
- brought literature in people's homes
- invented in 1885
- progressed print and yellow journalism
yellow journalism
newspaper reports scandals, sex, and outrageous stories
Joseph Pulitzer
jouranlist tycoon
- "New York World"
Randloph Hearst
-journalist tycoon
- "San Francisco Examiner"
Associated Press
- established in 1840
- curbed bad journalism
New York Nation
- launched by Edwin L. Godkin
- infleuntial magazine
Henry George
wrote " Progress and Poverty"
- association poverty will progres
- invented graduated income tax
Edward Bellamy
- published " Looking Backward" in 1888
- criticizes social injustices
dime novels
- cheap novels which depicted the wild west and other romantic settings
- many written by Harland F. Halsey
General Lewis Walace
wrote " Ben Hur: A tale of the Christ"
- combated Darwinsim
Horatio Alger
- wrote books about virtue honesty,
- rewarded with success and wealth
Walt Whitman
published Leaves of Grass
Emily Dickinson
hermit poet
Sidney Lanier
- author oppressed by poverty and poor health
Kate Chopin
- wrote about adultery, suicide, women ambitions
wrote " The Awakening"
Mark Twain
- romantic type literature with comedy
- captured the frontier relaism and coined " the Gilded Age"
Charlotte Perkins Gilman
- feminist prophet during the late 19th and early 20th century
- tried to get women into the work force
citis in America grew rapidly post Civi War
- Chicago, Philadelphia, and New York had passed the million mark
- hate immigrants and have much patriotism
- when wealth millionaires give back the money they have earned to society
- build colleges, and music halls
Yellow journalism
- Joseph Pulitzer and William Randolph Hearst
New immigration
- from eastern and southern europe
Social gospel
preached to many people in the 1880s
churches helped the poor
settlement House
house where immigratns came to live upon entering the U.S
- centers of reform in womens' labor
Chautauqua movemnts
- adult education
- public lectures
Women's Christian Temperance Union
organized in 1874 whit ribbon was the symbol of purity
- was for prohibition
Eighteenth Amendment
in 191 this amendment did way with all liquor making it illegal
Ida B. Wells
- worked toward better treatment for Blacks and foremd the National Association of Colored Women in 1896
National Prohibition Party
- called for prohibtion in 1869
James Naismith
invented baseball in 1891