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warren harding
pres.1920-reduced income tax,increased in tariff rates,estb.bureau of budget,gvmnt expenses to be placed in single budget
Fordney-McCumber Tariff act
increased tariff rates
bureau of budget
procedures for all gvmnt expenses to be placed in a single budget for congress to review and vote on
teapot dome
where harding accepted bribes for granting oil leases
calvin coolidge
Mass.gvnr in 1919,vp of pres.harding & successor, believed in limited gvmnt while business did their own thing
herbert hoover
sec.of commerce, 1928
henry ford
systm of assembly line
welfare captlsm
voluntarily offering employees improved benefits and higher wages to stop form unions
sigmund freud
stressed the role of sex.repression in mental illness
form follows function)architects followed this in bldng skyscrapers w/little decoration
marcus garvey
brought united negro imprvmnt harlem.advocated individual and racial pride for african ams.
scopes trial
btween biology tchr taught evolution and pres.will bryan testified as expert on Bible.scopes convicted
clarence darrow
defended john scopes in trial
sacco and vanzetti
convicted of robbery and murder.executed in 1927, although innocent,due to being italians & anarchist
washngtn conference
sec.of ST charles hughes strt tlks on naval disarmament, hoped to stablz size of navy relative to other pwrs & resolve conficts in the pacific
kellogg-Briand pact
renounced aggressive use of force to achieve natl ends.permitted defensive wars but failed to enforce
dawes plan
estb cylce of pamnts from u.s to germ to allies to rebuild economy and pay for war debts