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In the election of 1800, the Federalists had a host of enemies stemming from the _____
Alien and Sedition Acts
Federalist and Republican Mudslingers
__1__ won the election of 1800 by a majority of 73 electoral votes to 65, and even though __2__ got more popular votes. __1__ got New York, but even though he triumphed, but a technicality, he and __3__ tied for presidency.
1. Jefferson
2. Adams
3. Aaron Burr
Revolution of 1800
It turns out that __1__ was the last __2__ president, and the party __3__ away afterwards.
1. Adams
2. Federalist
3. Sank
The Federalist Finale
Still, the __1__ had been great diplomats, signing advantageous deals with the __2__, and their __3__ views had given the U.S. __4__.
1. Federalists
2. European nations
3. conservative
4. balance
The Federalist Finale
Their only __1__ was that they couldn’t __2__ to the American __3__, and since they couldn’t __4__, they died.
1. flaw
2. yield
3. public
4. adapt and evolve
The Federalist Finale
He declared that all Americans were __1__, all were __2__, and all were all, implying that Americans were a mixture, and he also pledged “honest friendship with all nations, entangling alliances with none.”
1. Federalists
2. Republicans;
Thomas Jefferson inauguration address
Responsibility Breeds Moderation
Jefferson __1__ those who were serving time under the __2__, and in 1802, he enacted a new __3__ law that returned the years needed for an immigrant to become a citizen from __4__ to __5__
1. pardoned
2. Sedition Act
3. naturalization
4. fourteen
5. five
Responsibility Breeds Moderation
He also kicked away the __1__, but otherwise left the __2__ system intact.
1. excise tax
2. Hamiltonian
Responsibility Breeds Moderation
The new secretary of the treasury, __1__, reduced the __2__ substantially while balancing the budget.
1. Albert Gallatin
2. national debt
The "Dead Clutch” of the Judiciary
The __1__, passed by the __2__ in their last days of Congress domination in 1801, packed newly created __3__ with __2__-backing men, so as to prolong their legacy.
1. Judiciary Act
2. Federalists
3. judgeships
The "Dead Clutch” of the Judiciary
Chief Justice __1__, a cousin of Jefferson, had served at __2__ during the War, and he had been impressed with the drawbacks of no central authority, and thus, he became a lifelong __3__, committed to strengthening the power of the federal government.
1. John Marshall
2. Valley Forge
3. Federalist
The "Dead Clutch” of the Judiciary
__1__: William __2__ had been one of the “__3__” appointed by John __4__ in his last hours as president. He had been named __5__ for D.C., but when Secretary of State James __6__ decided to shelve the position, he sued for its delivery. __7__ dismissed the case, but he said that the __8__ was unconstitutional, thus suggesting that the Supreme Court could determine the constitutionality of laws (judicial review)
1. Marbury vs. Madison (1803)
2. Marbury
3. midnight judges
4. Adams
5. justice of peace
6. Madison
7. Marshall
8. Judiciary Act of 1789
The "Dead Clutch” of the Judiciary
In 1804, Jefferson tried to impeach the tart-tongued Supreme Court justice, _____, but when the vote got to the Senate, not enough votes were mustered, and to this day, no attempt to alter the Supreme Court has ever been tried through impeachment
Samuel Chase
The "Dead Clutch” of the Judiciary
The pirates of the ____ were still looting U.S. ships, and in 1801, the pasha of Tripoli indirectly declared war when he cut down the flagstaff of the American consulate.
North African Barbary States
The Pacifist Jefferson Turns Warrior
Then, in 1802, the Spaniards at New Orleans withdrew the right of deposit guaranteed by the _____; deposit privileges were vital to the frontier farmers who floated their produce down the Mississippi River to its mouth to await oceangoing vessels.
Treaty of 1795
The Louisiana Godsend