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Hinton Helper
book entitled " Impending Crisis of the South" that sitrred trouble. proveed that poor whites suffered from slavery. Book was banned in the south
John Brown
abolitionist in 1856
- led folowers to Pottawattami Creek and killed 5 men/
- attacked in "bledding kansas"
Charles Sumner
abolitionist attacked slavery in south carolina.
- Congressman brooks from south carolina beat him with his cane
Dred Scott
black slave who sued for his freedom in 1857
- was ruled that whites do not have to abide under anything for blacks
- ruled that the comrpomise of 1820 was unconstitutional
Roger Taney
chief justice in Dred Scott Case
-scott sued for being in free teritory for a long time
-court case started the civil war
John Breckinridge
vice president elected in 1856 under southern democrats
-favored slavery but wanted to keep the union together
John Bell
nominated for presidencey in 1860 under the Constitutional Union Party
Abraham lincoln
- Springfield Illinois lawyer
- won presidential election of 1860
-southerners hated him
John Crittenden
senator of Kentucky
-responsible for Cittenden Compromise
- fatherd two sons one became general in union army and the other a general in the Confederate army
Crittenden Compromise
- war is between families and is absurd
-states were split up
- war is primarily for slavery
Impending Crisis of the South
book written by Hinton Helper
- hated slavery and blacks
- said poor whites suffer the most from slavery
-couldn't be published in the south
Bleeding Kansas
- disputed as free of slave form 1854-1857
-by popular soverignity free soilers overuled slaves
- killing in Kansas
Panic of 1857
- Gold Rush caused inflation
- speculation and railroads hut northern economy
-gave Republicans and issue for the election of 1860
Lincoln Douglas Debate
debate in 1858 Abraham Lincoln vs. Stephen Douglas
- Douglas won senate but gave lincoln fame
- foreshadowing of the Civil War
Freeport Doctorin
occured during Lincoln Douglas Debates
-Douglas made to answer in a way that disrespected the south
Lecompton Constitution
pro slavery constitution in Kansas
- was supported by Buchanan
James Buchanan
president Afrter Franklin Pearce
-favored the south and the LeCompoton Constitution
Panic of 1857
caused by inflation
north was hurt but southerners prospered
- brought higher tarriff rate
Freeport Doctorine
the issue of slavery was a decision that must be made by the people
- Douglas's argument during the Lincoln Douglas Debates
Stephen Douglas
-saw the fraud of the Lecompton Constitution
Preston Brooks
beat charles Dummer with a cane
Charles Sumner
spoke against slavery
-was beaten with a cane by Preston Brooks
John C. Fremont
Republican candidate of 1856
James Buchanan
Democratic candidate of 1856
American party
- called the "know nothing party"
- secrecy and protestant
- nominated Millard Fillmore for American party candidate of 1856
Millard Fillmore
American part candidate
Election of 1857
James Buchanan won
against Milard Fillmore, and John Fremont
split between the north and south
John C. Breckinridge
southern democrat candidate
Stephen Douglas
- debate Lincoln and won debate
- northern democrat candidate for 1857 election
JOhn Bell
southern democratic candidate for election of 1857
Abe Lincoln
Republican candidate for election of 1860
southern states seceded in 1860
- Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, Georgia, Lousinana, and Texas
Crittenden ammendments
nam slavery noth of the 36 30 line and left the issues south of the line up to the people
- Linclon rejected