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David Walker
black abolitionist who called for immediate emancipation of slaves
-wanted physical revolt
-"bloody end to white supremacy"
Nat Turner
Black priest who led slave revolt in 1831 in S.C
-caused more strict slave laws
Sojurner Truth
freed slave who advoated black rights and womens' rights
Theodore Dwight Weld
prominent abolitionist during 1830s
-preached antislavery gospel
- wrote antislavery pamphlet "American Slavery As It is"
Frederick Douglas
freed black
eloqeuent speaker
sough "politcal way" to end slavery
Lane Rebels
group organized by Theodore Dwight Weld
-preached anti-slavery ideas
Eli Whitney
-invented the cotton gin in 1793
Denmark Vesey
- Led an unsuccesful slave rebellion in 1822
American Colonization Society
society formed to transport blacks to Liberia
William Lloyd Garrison
wrote "the Liberator"
incited hatred by the south
Wendell Phillips
boycotted cane sugar and cotton products
gag resolution
bill passed by the southern house
all aboltionist request would be tabled without being debated