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where filtration occurs
Glomerular filtration
Non selective passive process. Filtrate that is formed is essentially plasma without protiens
Tubular reabsorption
begins when filtrate enters the prox convoluted tubule, H2O, Glucose, Amino acids & ions transported out of the filtrate and into the blood
Tubular Secretion
Reabsorbtion in reverse; H+, K+, Creatinine and drugs are removed from the peritubular blood and secreted by the tubule cells into filtrate
Components of Urine
Nitrogenous waste
Uric Acid
Bulbourethral glands
tiny pea sized glands inferior to the prostate gland, produces thick clear mucus that drains into penile urethrea
Prostate gland
size of chestnut, secretes milky fluid tht plays a role in activating sperm
Seminal Vesicle
located at base of bladder, produce aprox 60% of fluid vol of semen
Ductus Deferens/Vas Deferens
Runs upward from the epididymis thru the inguinal canal into pelvic cavity
highly coiled tube, first part of the male duct system, provides temp storage site for immature sperm
special type of nuclear division that occurs in the gonads
Bartholin's Glands
Female glands located in the folds of the labia minora, have ducts close to vaginal opening, lubricate
Female egg production
Ovarian Cycle
1.Follicular Phase- 1-5 days menstrual phase
2.Proliferative Phase/ Ovulatory Phase 6-14
Luteal Phase 15-28 days