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why were the twin towers a target?
Because they represent the economy of the United States. They were the financial district
Name the 5 boroughs of New York City. Which one was the twin towers on
Statue Island, manhattan, brunx, queens, brooklin.
What does the Legislative branch do?
pass bills, laws.
Who forms the executive branch?
The president, the cabinet.
what was the third target? why?
Capitol Bldg. because thats where the congress meets.
Flight 11 was headed to where? how many gallons of jet fuel?
Los Angeles, 10,000 gallons.
How many people died? how many children lost one parent?
3047 people died. 3251 childrens lost a parent.
Who is the mayor of NYC?
Rodolph Giuhami
name the four targets. and why they were targets.
world trade center, the pentagon, the capitol bldg, white house.
World trade= financial
pentagon= military
white house=government
how many people worked in the pile?
what percent of the firemen are still sick?
who elected the president? bush.
The electoral college not the people of the United States.
Who was James Ar Bath?
Texas money manager for the Bin Ladens/ he gave money to bush.
will the U.S. economy fall?
yes it will.
what country is Osama from?
Saudi Arabia.
what is the name of the building that they are planning on building how tall?
freedom tower. 1776 feet tall
Name the 3 major dates in American history
911 -
july 4 1776-independence
December 7 1941-pearl harbor