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andar mal (de salud, de dinero, etc)
to be (sick, broke, etc)
aprender de memoria
to memorize, learn by heart
caerle bien (mal) a alguien
to make a good (bad) impression (on someone)
caerse muerto
to drop dead
cambiar de idea
to change one's mind
contar con
to rely on
costarle trabajo
to be difficult for someone
creer que sí (no)
(not) to think so
to turn...years old
deberse a
to be due to
decir (muchos) disparates
to talk nonsense
decir que sí (no)
to say yes (no)
dejar caer
to drop
dormir a pierna suelta
to sleep like a log (soundly)
ganarse la vida
to earn one's living
llamar a la puerta
to knock on the door
llevar a cabo
to carry out, to accomplish, to finish
llevarse bien (mal) con
to get (not get) along with
mantener el interés
to hold one's interest
morirse de risa
to die laughing
no servir para nada
to be good for nothing
pagar al contado (en efectivo)
to pay cash
pasar lista
to call the roll
pasarlo bien (mal)
to have a good (bad) time
pedir prestado
to borrow
perder el tiempo
to waste one's time
ponerse de acuerdo
to agree
ponerse de pie
to stand (up)
portarse bien/mal
to behave/ misbehave
prestar atención
to pay attention
quedar(le) bien (mal)
to look good (on somebody)
querer decir
to mean
saber a
to taste like
sacar una nota
to get a grade (on a paper or assignment)
sacar una foto(grafía)
to take a picture
sentarle bien
to agree with one, to suit one
ser aficionado a
to be a fan of, to be fond of
ser hora de
to be time to
tocarle a uno
to be one's turn
tomar el sol
to sunbathe
tomarle el pelo a alguen
to pull someon's leg, to fool (someone)
valer la pena
to be worthwhille, to be worth the trouble
volverse loco
to go crazy