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origin- galea aponeurotica
insertion- skin of forehead
Action- wrinkles forehead
Orbicularis oris
Origin- Mandible and maxillary
Insertion- Lips
Action- Closes and presses lips against teeth "kissing"
origin- temporal bone
insertion- mandible
action- elevates mandible "chewing"
Origin-sternum and clavicle
insertion- Temporal bone
Action- flexes head and tilts it
Origin- zygomatic arch
Insertion- Mandible
Action- elevates mandible "chewing"
Pectoralis Major
Origin- clavicle, sternum, costal cartilages
Insertion- Humerus
Aciton- flexes, adducts and rotates humerus
origin- clavicle and scapula
insertion- humerus
action- abducts humerus at shoulder
External intercostals
origin- inferior border of upper rib
Insertion- superior border of lower rib
Action- for respiration
Latissimus dorsi
origin- lubodorsal fascia, spinous processes of lower thoracic and lumbar vertebreae, lower ribs,
Insertion- humerus
Action- extends, adducts, and rotates humerus
origin- occiptal bone, ligamentum nuchae, spinous processes of thoracic vertebrae.
Insertion- clavicle and scapula
Action- extends head, elevates/depresses and rotates scapula, elevates clavicle
external abdominal oblique
Origin- Lower ribs
insertion-linea alba
action- flexes vertebral column, or bends vert. column to one side.
rectus abdominus
origin- pubis
insertion- sternum, costal cartilage, and some ribs
Action- flexes vert. column, supports and compresses abdominal viscera.
Biceps brachii
2 Origins- short head: scapula (coracoid process), Long head: scapula (tubercle above glenoid cavity)
Insertion- Radius
Action- flexes elbow & shoulder, supinates forearm.
Origin- anterior humerus
Insertion- ulna
Action- Flexes elbow
Origin- humerus (lateral epicondyle)
Insertion- radius
Action- Flexes elbow
Triceps brachii
Origin- Lateral head: lateral humerus. Medial head: posterior humerus. Long head: scapula
Insertion: Ulna
Action: extends elbow
Origin- illium
Insertion- Midial tibia
Action- flexes both hip and knee and roteates thigh laterally
Origin- Pubis
Insertion- Medial tibia
Action- adducts femur, flexes knee.
Adductor longus
Origin- Pubis
Insertion- Femur (linea aspera)
Action- adducts and flexes thigh
adductor magnus
Origin- Pubis and ischium
Insertion- Femur
Action adducts and extends thigh.
Quads: Rectus femoris
Origin- illium
Insertion- patellar ligament inserts on tibia
Action- extends knee, flexes hip
Quads: vastus lateralis
Origin- femur
insertion- patellar ligament inserts on tibia
Action- extends knee
Quads: vastus medialis
Origin- Femur
Insertion- patellar ligament inserts on tibia
Action- extends knee
Quads: vastus intermedius
Origin- Femur
Insetion- patellar ligament inserts on tibia
Action- Extends Knee
Tibialis anterior
Origin- Tibia
Insertion- tarsal and metatarsal
Action- dorsiflexes and inverts foot.
Gluteus maximus
Origin- pelvis and lumbodorsal fascia
Insertion- iliotibial tract, femur
Action- extends and rotates femur laterally
Gluteus medius
Origin- ilium
Insertion- femur
Action- abducts and medially rotates thigh.
Hamstrings: Biceps femoris
Origin- Long head: ischium, Short head: femur.
Insertion- fibula and tibia
Action- extends thigh at hip.
Hamstrings: semitendinosis
Origin: ischium
Insertion: medial tibia
Action: Flexes knee
Hamstrings: semimembranosis
Origin: ischium
Insertion: tibia
Action: flexes knee
Origin: femur
Insertion: achilles tendon to calcaneous
Action: plantar flexes and inverts foot, flexes knee
Origin: Fibula and tibia
Insertion: achilles tendon to calcaneous
Action: plantar flexes and inverts foot,