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abrogate (v)-
to repeal, to set aside, to nullify
abscond (v)-
to leave quickly and secretively
accolade (n)-
award or honor, high praise
adjure (v)-
to command or urge solemnly and earnestly
aggrieve (v)-
to distress, to mistreat
ameliorate (v)-
to make better, to ease or improve
anathema (n)-
something or someone loathed or intensely disliked
ancillary (adj)-
subsidiary, subordinate
antipodal (adj)-
situated on opposite sides of the earth, or being
exactly opposite
apostasy (n)-
abandonment of a loyalty or religion
assignation (n)-
a secret meeting, a tryst, or something assigned
bandy (v)-
to toss back and forth, to exchange, to use in a glib
bathos (n)-
a transition from the illustrious to the commonplace,
overdone pathos, triteness
bilious (adj)-
ill-tempered, cranky, angry
bivouac (n)-
temporary encampment
bumptious (adj)-
pushy, conceited, noisily self-assertive
Byzantine (adj)-
extremely intricate or complicated in structure
cabal (n)-
a secret group of conspirators, a clique
calumny (n)-
slander, deliberate false statements
cavil (v)-
to quibble, to raise trivial objections
comport (v)-
to behave
concomitant (adj)-
accompanying, attending, going along with
conflagration (n)-
a large, disastrous fire
coterie (n)-
an intimate group of people with a common interest
decimate (v)-
to kill or destroy a large part of something
depredate (v)-
to prey upon, to plunder with violence if necessary
determinism (n)-
a philosophy that says things are determined in ways that are out
human hands
dichotomy (n)-
division into two often contradictory parts
dissipate (v)-
to break up, to squander, to indulge excessively in
sensual pleasure
draconian (adj)-
severe, exceedingly harsh
effete (adj)-
exhausted, lost vitality, over-refined
enervate (v)-
to weaken, to sap the strength
ennui (n)-
boredom, listlessness, lack of interest
ensconce (v)-
to settle in snugly, to hide in a secure place
erudite (adj)-
scholarly, deeply learned, well read
feckless (adj)-
lacking responsibility, ineffective
feral (adj)-
wild, like an wild animal, savage
fetter (v)-
to impede, retrain, hamper
flagellate (v)-
to whip, or to punish as if by whipping
foment (v)-
to stir up, to incite
forswear (v)-
retract, renounce or recant
gestalt (n)-
a structure whose parts cannot stand alone
gesticulate (v)-
to gesture, especially when speaking
gird (v)-
to invest with authority, to brace
histrionic (adj)-
overly dramatic, theatrical, deliberately
ignominious (adj)-
disgraceful, dishonorable
impecunious (adj)-
without money, penniless
impugn (v)-
to attack the integrity of something
implacable (adj)-
not capable of being appeased or mollified
inchoate (adj)-
just beginning, not organized or orderly,
iniquitous (adj)-
evil, unjust
insouciant (adj)-
nonchalant, lighthearted, unconcerned
intransigent (adj)-
uncompromising, stubborn
inveterate (adj)-
habitual, deeply rooted or established
juggernaut (n)-
a massive, unstoppable object
lassitude (n)-
a weariness, listlessness, a state of lethargy
libidinous (adj)-
lustful, lascivious
machination (n)-
scheming activity for an evil purpose
malfeasance (n)-
an illegal act—especially by a public official
martinet (n)-
one who adheres strictly to the rules
mendacious (adj)-
dishonest, deceitful
myopia (n)-
nearsightendness, lacking foresight
nepotism (n)-
showing favoritism to friends or family, as in
granting positions in jobs or politics
nihilism (n)-
the belief that there are no values or morals in the
universe, that existence is senseless or
noisome (adj)-
harmful, unwholesome, stinking, putrid
obdurate (adj)-
onerous (adj)-
burdensome, oppressive, troublesome
onus (n)-
burden, blame, obligation
opprobrious (adj)-
damning, extremely critical, disgraceful
panacea (n)-
a remedy that cures everything
paradigm (n)-
a model or example
philistine (n)-
a smugly insensitive and ignorant person who has
knowledge of intellectual or artistic
phlegmatic (adj)-
calm, indifferent, not easily aroused
plebeian (adj)-
common, vulgar, low class
pluralism (n)-
a society in which distinct groups function
together but
retain their identities
portent (n)-
an omen, a sign nor something coming, a foreshadowing
probity (n)-
honesty, uprightness
prurient (adj)-
lascivious, have lustful thoughts or desires
punctilious (adj)-
meticulously attentive to detail, exacting
recidivism (n)-
the act of repeating an offense
redoubtable (adj)-
formidable, fearsome, deserving of respect
remuneration (n)-
payment, recompense
rife (adj)-
widespread, abounding, occurring frequently
ruminate (v)-
to muse upon
sallow (adj)-
sickly, greenish-yellow
saturnine (adj)-
sullen, gloomy, depressed
sententious (adj)-
preachy, pompous, using wise sayings
slatternly (adj)-
squalid, slovenly, foul, unclean
somnolent (adj)-
drowsy, sleepy
spate (n)-
a sudden outburst
stalwart (adj)-
unwavering, robust, sturdily built
tendentious (adj)-
advancing a point of view, biased
timorous (adj)-
fearful, easily frightened
umbrage (n)-
displeasure or resentment
vagary (n)
a whim, an unpredictable action
venerate (v)-
to honor, to worship, to respect
veracious (adj)-
truthful, honest
vitriolic (adj)-
corrosive, biting, bitterly scathing
wont (n)-
custom, habit
obsequious (adj)-
fawning, subservient, servile