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Age of the Common Man
Started by Andrew Jackson
stressed universal manhood suffrage, public education in the west, cheap newspapers, majority rule, abolition of debtor prisons.
Kitchen Cabinet
a group of unoffical advisors to President Jackson, discussed problems in the White House kitchen
Democrats 1824
Jackson lead the democrats after the split of Democratic-Republican Party
farmers & small planters in the south
eastern workers
western farmers
Webster-Hayne Debate (1829-1830)
Daniel Webster vs. Robert Hayne (SC) on states rights vs. federalism.
Indian Removal Bill of 1830
passed by Andrew Jackson, removed Indians from east of the Miss. to Iowa or Oklahoma. 70,000 Indians within 10 years were moved.
Trail of Tears
mass relocation of 17,000 cherokee indians of georiga to the great plains.
Maysville Road Veto
proposed by Henry Clay to link Virginia and Kentucky, Jackson vetoed: Clay's idea
Nicholas Biddle
president of the U.S. Bank, petitioned its recharter in 1832 (unsuccessfully)
Pet Banks
state banks that received funds from the fed. gov't. Created by Jackson to limit the power of te Second U.S. bank
Peggy Eaton Affair
wife of sec. of war john eaton