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German monk who began Protestant Reformation
Martin Luther
Reformer whose religious ideads inspired English Puritands, Scotch Presbyterians, French Huguenots, and the Dutch Reformed Church
John Calvin
Wampanoag chieftain who befriended English colonists
Small colony eventually merged into MA bay
Colony whose government sought to enforce God's law on believers and unbelievers alike
MA Bay Colony
Promoter of MA Bay as a holy "city upon a hill"
John Winthrop
Mass flight from the persecution of Archbishop Laud and Charles I
Great Puritan migration
Representative assembly of MA Bay
General Court
Dominant religious group in the MA Bay
Religious group persecuted in MA and NY but not in PA
Religious dissenter convicted of the heresy of antinomianism
Anne Hutchinson
Radical founder of the most tolerant New England colony
Roger Williams
Native American leader who waged unsuccessful war against New England
King Philip
Conqueror of New Sweden who lost New Netherland
Peter Stuyvesant
Founder of the most tolerant and democratic of the middle colonies
William Penn
The Puritans all believed...
only the elect visible saints should be members of the church
One reason that the MA Bay Colony was not a true democracy is that...
Only chrch members cold vote for the governor and the General Court
The most distinctive feature of the RI colony was that..
it enjoyed the most complete religious freedom of all the English colonies
Before the first English settlements in New England, Native Americans in the region had been devastated by...
disease epidemics caused by contact with English fishermen
The Native American people who first encountered the Pilgrim colonists in New England were the..
The Puritan missionary efforts to convert Native Americans to Christianity were...
weak and mostly unsucessful
The primary value of the New England Confederation lay in...
providing the first small step on the rd to intercolonial cooperation.
The event that sparked the collapse of the Dominion of New England was...
the Glorious revolution in England
The Dutch Colony of New Netherland...
was harshly and undemocratically governed
The short-lived colony conquered by the New Netherland Dutch in 1655 was...
New Sweden
William Penn's colony of PA...
made no provisions for military defense against enemies
Besides PA, Quakers were also heavily involved in the earrly settlement of both...
New Jersey and Deleware
The middle colonoies of NY, NJ, PA and DE...
had more ethnic diversity than either New England or the southern colonies
16th century religious reform movement begun by Martin Luther
Protestant Reform
English Calvinists who sought a thorough reformation of the Church of England
Radical Calvinists who considered the Church of England so corrupt that they broke with it and formed their won independent churches
The shipboard agreement by the Pilgrim Fathers to establish a body of politic and submit to majority rule
Mayflower Com.
Puritans' term for their belief that MA Bay had an agreement with God to become a holy society
We Shall Be a City Upon a Hill
Charles I's political action of 1629 that led to persecution of the Puritans and the formation of the MA Bay Company
Dismissed Parliment; had anti- puritan persecution
The two major nonfarming industries of MA Bay
Fishing and Shipping
Anne Hutchison's heretical belief that the truly saved need not obey human or divine law
Comme fate of Roger Williams and Anne Hutchinson after they were convicited of hersey in MA bay.
Villages where Native Americans converted to Christianity were fathered
Praying Town
Successful military action by the colonies united in the New England Confederation
King Phillip's War
English revolt that also led to the overthrow of the Dominion of New England in America
Glorious Revolution
River Valley that also led the overthrow of the Dominion of New England in America
Glorious Revolution
River valley where vast estates created an aristrocratic landholding elite in New Netherland and New York
Required, sworn statements of loyalty or religious belief resisted by Quakers
Test Oaths
Common activity in which the colonists engaged to avoid the restrictive, npopular Navigation Laws
Charles I persecution of the Puritans ===>
Spurred formation of the MA Bay Company
Puritan "believe" that their government was based on a convenant with God ===>
Led to restriction of political participation in colonial MA to "visible saints"
Puritan persecution of religious dissenters ===>
Led to the founding of RI
The Glorious Revolution ===>
Led to overthrow of Andros's Dominion of New England
King Phillip's War ===>
Ended Native Americans' attempts to halt white expansion
Dutch West India Company's search for quick profits ===>
Lay behind the founding of New Netherland
Dutch and English Hudson Valley estates ===>
Secured political control of NY for a few aristrocratic families
English persecution of Quakers ===>
Stimulated William Penn's founding of creation of vast PA
William Penn's liberal religious and immigration policies ===>
Fostered Large-scale foreign immigration to PA
Middle conolies' cultivation of broad, fertile river valleys ===>
Encouraged development of PA, NY, and NJ as rich "bread colonies"
The Puritans believed that the Church of England was corrupt because it did not...
restrict its membership to "visible saints" who had experienced conversion
MA Bay restricted the vote for the elections of the General Court to male members of the...
Congregational Church- "The visible saints"
Roger Williams and Anne Hutchinson were both banished for organizing rebellions against...
the MA Bay Authorites
RI was the most...
religiously and politially tilerant of the New England colonies
The Wampanoag people of New England initially...
befriended the English colonists
Edmund Adros's autocratic Dominion of New England was overthrown in connection with the...
Glorious Revolution in England
Although politcally authoritarian, New Netherland...
contained a population of diverse ethnic groups
William Penn originally intended his PA colony to be an...
exclusive refuge for his fellow Quakers
The middle colonies' broad, fertile river valleys enabled them to...
develop a richer arigultural economy than that of New England
lowly, humble, lacking importance or dignity;
a person who does the humble and unpleasant tasks
to ward off, fend off;
a defensive movement in fencing
preying on, plundering, or piratical
to destroy, lay waste, ruin;
ruinous damage destruction
a way of holding the body
showy and flashy but lacking in good taste
a person who switches to an opposing side or party
nothing puttin on airs, unpretentious; modest
to roll about in a lazy, clumsy or helpless way;
a wet muddy or dusty area used by animals as a sort of bath
to move to and fro, become unsteady.