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major artery leading from left ventricle
Aortic Semilunar Valve
prevents blood backflow from aorta to left ventricle
Bicuspid Valve
prevents blood backflow from left ventricle to left atrium
Chordae Tendinae
attach cuspid valve cusps to papillary muscles
Inferior Vena Cava
major vein leading into lower right atrium
Left Atrium
pumps blood to left ventricle
Left Pulmonary Artery
transports blood to left lungs
Left Ventricle
pumps blood to aorta
muscle wall of the heart
Coronary Arteries
transport blood from aorta to cardiac muscles
Coronary Sinus
returns venous blood from coronary system to right atrium
Papillary Muscles
anchor sites for the chordae tendinae
Pulmonary Trunk
major artery leading from right ventricle
Pulmonary Semilunar Valve
prevents blood backflow from pulmonary artery to right ventricle