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The date the US Constituion was ratified
Sept. 17, 1787 by the Constitutional Covention of Phil
The Great Compromise
House rep. population, Senate rep. equal, and presient elected by elite electors
Preamble to Constituion states
1) Justice 2) Tranquility 3) Welfare 4) Liberty 5) Posteriry 6 defence
explains ratonale behind the constitution
Article One establishes
legislative branch
House of Reps. Members
Elected every 2 years by the people. Must be over 25, been a US citizen for 7 years, and live in the state
House of reps have the power to
1) initiate revenue bills 2) choose pres. when electoral college is tied 3) impeach the president
Senator members must
elected every 6years. must be over 30, nine years a citizen, and must live in state.
President of Senate is
vice president
Senate has the power to
1) Treaty rtification 2) Confirm appointments 3) Try impeachments
How a bill becomes a law
1) indroduced by congressman. 2) Refered to committe 3) Commitee reports favorbly 4) House Floors committe 5) House floor (conference committee) 6)President
To Collect Taxes
To borrow money on credit of USA
To regulate commerce with othre nations and states
To Coin $
TO Establish post offices and roads
TO declare Wat
To Raise Armies
TO provide Navy
States cannot ___ w/o the consent of congress
tax imports, keep troops, enter agreement with another state or country
# of electors for each state equals
# of senate and house reps
President must
be over 35, b USA citizen, natural born, 14 years lived in USa
To make teaties, with 2/3 of senate concur
Appoint Ambassadors, Judges, with Senate aproval
To add an amendment
1) 2/3 of congress must proposed it 2) 2/3 of state leg. must propse National Convention
3/4 of states must agree
Tocreate lower coutrs
Supreme Court
Constiton can be amended if
9 states
Amendement #1
Freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly, petiton
Amendement #2
Right to bear arms
Amendement #3
Soliders cant live in house
Amendement #4
Guards against searches, arrest, seizure of property w.o a warrant
Amendement #5
Prohibits double jeopardy, due process of law, cant trial against oneself, cant take property w/o just compensation
Amendement #6
speedy trial, trial by jury, right to legal counsel, and to know what they are being charged against
Amendement #7
jury in civil cases
Amendement #8
Sets Bail, no cruel punishment
Amendement #9
There are other rights
Amendement #10
States have powers 2
Amendement #11
limits ability for cits to sue in federal courts
Amendement #12
Electoral college cast sep ballots for pres and vice
Amendement #13
Abolishes slavery
Amendement #14
States cant take rights, due process,
Amendement #15
cant use race or color to prevent voting
Amendement #16
federal tax on income
Amendement #17
no more direct election of senators
Amendement #18
No more alcohol
Amendement #19
no more sexist
Amendement 21
more alchohol
Amendement 22
presient gets 2 terms
Amendement 20
presidential succession changes
Amendement #23
Disrict of Columbia can vote
Amendement #24
cant tax votes
Amendement #25
Temory removal of pres, replace for vp
Amendement #26
18 year olds can vote
Amendement #27
limits congress pay raises