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An attempt to defeat a bill in the senate
Marginal Districts
Political districts in which candidates elected to the House of Reps wins by a small margin
Safe districts
When Districts win by more then 55%
Conservative coalition
Alliance between Republicans and conservative democrats
Majority Leader
Leader of House or Senate
MInority Leader
Leader holdin a minority of seats in House or Senate
A Senetor or Representitive keeping the leader updated on members thinking
Party Polarization
A vote when a majority of Democratic Legislatures oppose a majority of Republican Legislatures
Association of Congress members created to advance a political intrests
Standing Committees
Legislative committees that consider and are responsible for legislation with in a certain subject
Select Committees
Congress selects for limited time and perpose
Joint Committees
Committees on which Senators and Representatives serve
Conference Committees
A joint committee appointed to resolve the Senate and House versoins of same bill
Public Bill
Bills that dea with public concern
Private Bill
Bill that deals with specific, private or local matters
Concurrent Resolution
Expression of opinon w/o force of law that needs aproval of the Senate and House
Joint Resolution
Expression needing the President, House and Senate aproval
Multiple Referral
A congress process where a Bill is referred to many committees
Sequential Referral
The Speaker can send a Bill to a second committee after the first is done acting
Discharge Petition
When a Bill is had by a member for 30 days can br brought to the floor
Closed Rule
Order from the House that sets a time limit on debate that forbids the bill being amended on the floor
Open Rule
Bill allowed to be amended on floor
Restrictive Rule
Hosue permits certain amendments on the floor but not some others
Minimum amount of members who must be present for business to begin
Clorture Rule
Rule by Senate to limit or end debate
Doubule Tracking
Procedure to keep Senate going after a Filibuster
Voice Veto
When Congress votes by Yeas or Nays
Division Vote
Congress voting procedure by members stand and are counted
Teller Votes
Congress yells Yeas first and Nays second
Roll Call
When congress yells yas or nays to show that they are present