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Block grant
A grant given to you based on personal disrection and judgement. Whatever you want the grant for
Local government getting more powers
Commerce Clause
The congress resgulates interstate trade/carriers
Law that says you must comply-mandatory. Unfunded mandate: No Child left Behind Act
Public Sector
Funded by the state WORLD OF GOVERNMENT Parks schools
Categorical Grant
A grant given to you for specific projects/catagories
Supremecy Clause
A clause that states the constituion and national government is the supreme law of the land
Private Sector
Non funded organizations, restaurants, cooperations, barker Resevoir BUISNESS WORLD
Defense of marriage act-Act that clinton signed to say no to gay marriages ammend the Full faith and credit clause
Full Faith and Credit Clause
A clause that states if something happens in one state where its legal, and somebody moves, the new state must recognize it. (gay marriage, etc)
Why so state governments provide great "laboratories" for public policy experimentation?
If states adopt programs that fail, the negative effects are limited. If programs succeed, they can be adopted into the N.G
Elastic Clause
Mcullogh vs Maryland.... The power of the law you can really stretch..
Layered Cake (Dual Federalism(
All jobs of the N.G and S.G are defined and specific Views the constituion as a limited list of powers
Marble Cake Federalism
All levels of government are involved in a variety of issues. All powers mixed together.
Express Powers
Powers for one level of the government only