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What is the smallest macroscopic subdivision of a lung?
The Lubules
The Pleclay circular (sp) and intestional villia (sp) are found in which of the 4 layers of the alimentary tube?
Mocosa or mucosa membrane - the innermost layer.
Which of the following does not influence an increase in ventilation (in breathing) that occurs after exercise is initiated?
Exercise-enhanced ventilation does NOT appear to be prompted by rising PCO2 and pH...
(The abrupt increase in ventilation that occurs as exercise befins reflects interactionof three neural factors:
1. Psychic stimuli(our conscious anticipation or exercise)
2. Simultaneous cortical motor activation of skeletal musceles and respiratory centers.
3. Excitatory impulses reaching respiratory centers form proprioceptors in moving muscles, tendons, and joints.
The most powerful respiratory stimulus for breathing in a healty person is?
The amount of air tha can be inspired forcibly beyond the tidal volume(2100 to 3200ml) is calle the IRV(Inspiratory Reserve Volume)
Which is NOT part of the Splanchnic circulation? (there are 3 main arteries, liver, spleen, and stomach) and called different things in each area.
Liver-hepatic artery , spleen- splenic artery, Stomach-gastroepiploic arteries
In the plasma, the quanity of oxygen in solution is?
Oxygen is poorly soluble in water, so only 1.5% of the oxygen transported is carried in the dissolved form.
The larynx contains what kind of cartilage?
Except for the epiglottis, all laryngeal cartilages are hyaline cartilages.
Intrapulmonary pressure is what? (a definition, not a number
It is the pressure in the alveoli? It rises and falls w/phases of breathing but it always eventually equalizes w/ atmospheric pressure.
______________ is not important as a stimulus in the gastric phase of gastric secretions? (3 phases)
(is important) distension, peptides, and low acidity. Neural influences initiated by stomach distension. Hormone gastric activates g-cells. Also activates parietal cells to release HCL. Highly acidic gastric contents inhibit gastric secretion.
In a mixture of gases the total pressure is the sum of the individual partial pressures of gases is what law
Dalton’s Law of Partial Pressures.
The ___________ contains globules with sinusoids that lead to the central venous structure? What has globules and sinusoids that leads to the central venous structure?
(hepatic portal vein and hepatic artery
Which of the following is not found on the right lobe of the lung
Cardiac notch
Right lung has 3 lobes and horizontal fissure and oblique fissure.
Since the lungs are filled with fluid during birth (fetal life), which statement is true regarding respiratory exchange?
All respiratory exchanges are made by the placenta.
Pancreatic amylase does not get to the small intestine via what?
gets there by being converted to various oligosaccarides (maltose)- brush border enzymes 9monosacharides