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The factors that facilitated overseas expansion
Use of sail power, caravel, mounting cannons on vessels, and the astrolabe.
Significance of Prince Henry of Portugal
Support of exploration
Commercials capital of Europe at the end of the 16th century
Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
Seventh Century- what was the Dutch East India Company doing?
It was a major tool in Dutch imperialism; took control of East Indian islands
The Quinto
A Spanish tax on all precious metals mined in its colonies.
What happened in France as a result of the 100 Years’ War and the plague?
Ultimately freed the surfs.
Why did Elizabeth I intervene in the Dutch Revolt?
Damage to the wool industry, William “The Silent” was killed, Antwerp fell to the Spanish, and she worried about the Spanish invading England.
The result of the defeat of the Spanish Armada in 1588:
Kept Western Europe from reuniting with the Catholic Phillip II as King.
Peter Paul Rubens is remembered because
He was a painter whose work exemplifies the sensuality of Baroque painting.
Baroque Art
Intended to kindle the faith of the common people.