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In the early 16th century, critics attacked the church because...
clerical immorality, the ignorance of the parish clergy, the problems of pluralism and absenteeism, the way money changed hands when a bishop entered office.
Ninety-Five Theses
Written by Martin Luther to Archbishop Albert in response to a new campaign to sell indulgences.
The result of the Peace of Augsburg
Charles accepted the religious status quo in Germany. 1555
The Protestant Reformation in Germany did what?
Compounded problems that had existed since the Middle Ages.
What was happening in the English Church BEFORE Henry VIII broke w/Rome?
The Church was doing very well.
Reformation in England- Primary Cause
Henry VIII’s antics
The feeling of most members of Parliament toward the parliamentary acts that removed England from Papal jurisdiction
Henry used the Parliament to legalize the Reformation in England. The Act in Restraint of Appeals and the Supremacy Act created great debate in Parliament, however, only a few if the members really understood what these acts were all about.
Elizabeth I’s (England) policy toward religious affairs
Her policy followed a middle course between Catholic and protestant extremes.
Why did France support Protestant Princes in Germany?
Charles V, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire and King of Spain, wanted to become leader of a universal empire. France wanted control of the Hapsburg lands and Charles fought them 5x’s- 1521-1555. Much fighting took place in Germany. So, Catholic France supported the Lutheran Princes who fought Charles V. This action also contributed to keeping the German states divided. Thus, Germany was less likely to be a major threat to France.
The Index
A catalouge of forbidden reading