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Who the hell was Mary Wollstonecraft?
A stinky feminist, that's who!
Some might call her a lesbian...
The role of French women during the French Revolution was...
They helped move that thang along!
It was more than breastfeeding...
The repealing of the British Korn (rock out, man) Laws in 1846 got these guys angry...
Wealthy landowners
They were jerks...
This guy got burned during the Scientific Revolution...
He's on a first-name basis. Much like Madonna or Prince...
Purpose of the Peace of Augsburg (1555)?
Ended the civil war between Lutherans and Roman Catholics in Germany
We talking about the Confederates? No...?
Where did that fruit John Calvin establish the center of his church?

Can you say "fruity?"
Sounds like a type of pear or somethin'.
During the EARLY Industrial Revolution, what was the leading industry?
Baa, baa, BLACK SHEEP!
Who was affected most by the witchcraft persecutions of the 16th and 17th centuries?
Old Hags!
They're pretty digusting...
Frenchies and Brits appeased those fascist jerks because...?
They felt bad about the Versailles treaty and they wanted to avoid another war.

There are two reasons. One's kind of acceptable, the other's just pathetic...
What was the main focus of the New Economic Plan? And who proprosed it?
Lenin did, and it compromised with capitalist economic principles.

Then Stalin had to go ruin it for everybody...
Americans would approve
When Paris was rebuilt in the 1850s and 1860s...?
Working class housing was

It's pretty sad:*(
Martin effing Luther thought women should...?
be wives and mothers.

Damn straight!
He wouldn't get along with Ms. Wollstonecraft...
Weimar Germany's constitution helped destroy republican governments by...?
Allowing rule by a single individual in a case of an emergency.
How Dumb!!
Writers that expressed an emo view and learning about one's self in their work...?
Were Romanticists
They liked nature and cutting themselves
The gatherin' up of these made Prussia a supah-star!
17th Century system of intendants in France was established because...?
The royalty wanted to enforce royal policies locally
In other words, what the hell is an intendant?
What resulted from the Marshall Plan?
The U.S. got all up in the biz of Westside and Southside Europe with their cash and political shiz
The U.S. and Europe...what happened?
Cavour and Garibaldi wanted Italy to be...?
Free from foreign control

Like a bird?
Who wanted to spread the lovely "Revolucion!" beyond France?
the Girondin party

I love guillotines!
It's a political party, specifically.
Constantinople fell to the Turks in 1453, making this town the 3rd Rome
They love their vodka!
How did science and government relate during WWII?
Scientific research had to get the green from military funding
Involves moolah!
What was created after the Russian Revolution of 1905?
the Duma
sounds dumb...
A major goal of the EEC was to...?
Coordinate industry and agriculture policies of all members
They wanted to get everyone on the same level concerning these two things...?
Metternich's bestie might have been...?
Edmund Burke
ummmm....? Just study this one
What the hell did Eduard Bernstein do?
advocated evolutionary (NOT revolutionary) theory of Marxism
The death of the Ottoman Empire led to some serious drama between...?
Austria and Russia

seriously guys...grow up
They're kind of neighbors
What was the major push behind the Price Revolution?
Rising population growth and rising food costs

Stop having babies and don't eat so much, fatties!!
Two reasons, both "movin' on up!"
Louis XIV's monarcy could be called...?
Absolutism, fo sho!
It describes a type of government...
Louis XIV's finance minister, Jean-Baptiste Colbert, made this policy?
Establish detailed work codes to make French export goods VERY NICE!
It made France seem fancy...sorta...
The ideallic Nazi Aryan women are...
mothers, wives, and homemakers

also blonde, blue-eyed, and BUSTY!
Keep dem womans outta ma office!
During the good ol' Khrushchev years, those Russian actually did this major achievement in a sad attempt to beat the best country on this damn Earth!
Space successes exceeded those of the U.S.

Yeah Right! Damn Commies!
Might involve monkeys...
The Great Depression led to this in Europe...unfortunately
Nazi support
White person = good
Hitler = better
1st country that experienced a dramatic decrease in birth rate in the 19 and 20 centuries?
Vive la...?
Before the factory system, what increased production of manufactured goods?
Cottage industries in the country
Why would you buy something made here? That's worse than shopping at a thrift store!
Prussian Junkers supported the monarchy and went in the military in return of...?
having absolute power over their serfs
like if we put Smurfs in a cage
Joeseph II of Austria could be said to be...?
an "enlightened" monarch
ooooh, don't you feel special
Long-term effects of the 30 Years War on the German states might include...?
it just put Germany's economies into an emo state of DEVASTATION!
Economy wise?
What was a major demographic change in Western Europe between 1850 and 1914?
Dramatic shift of population to urban areas
That's where all the work was, silly?:P
One significant contribution of Sigmund Freud...
Unconscious psychological energy is sexual energy

He also did that ego, superego, w/e shit
Involves mind energy and the nasty-nasty
Rene Descartes and Francis Bacon contributed to scientific development in the 17 century by...?
explaining theories of the scientific method
Sounds pretty smart-ass to me!

"Religion supplies the pretext and gold the motive."

Spanish and Portugese expansion in the New World
They're Catholic, what did you expect?
What was a major consequence of the Glorious Revolution of 1688-1689?
Limits were put on the power of the English monarchy
That's right! Stickin' it to the man!
Who sailed around Afroca and crossed the Injun Ocean?
Vasco de Gama
What a JERK!!!
The leaders of the Dutch revolts (1566-1648) wanted WHAT?
-end of the Inquistion
-end of nasty taxes
-elimination of foreign rule
-alliance with French protestants

But, they wanted nothing to do with those English Cath-o-lix!
there are several things...
What did Voltaire think about churches?
Organized religion is stupid cuz it makes people all nervous over nothing, and then people becomes jerks!
What does Charles Darwin address in his "On the Origin of Species?"
transmutation over time of plant and animal life

That's natural selection for you dumb folks!
The birds and bees, but not the dodo birds!
When Prussians kicked Austria's ass...?
Prussia gained authoritay among Northern German states
They got popular...but where?
Western Europe earned the loyalty of their citizens by...?
-letting guys vote
-getting colonies from Africa
-publically edumacating
-legalizing trade unions

But, they didn't divide farmland equally between poor people. That's just being TOO nice.
Again, several reasons...
The Crystal Palace was built in London in 1851 to...?
celebrate British technological and economic dominance and make people feel "good" about themselves, those self-absorbed, stuck-up, tea-drinkin', scone-eatin', "long-live-the-queen", Mary Poppins, rainy poop-faced Brats!
Ferdinand and Isabella supported killin' and convertin' them damn Mooslims and Jooz in Spain because...?
They were hard-core Christians!
Again, JERKS!
Why did Anabaptists suck Soooo much to the other religions?
They advocated a complete separation of church and state.

*Scoff* Sinners...
Inspiration for Reanaissance humanism came from...?
classical languages and lit
<3 Latin
Generally, what caused the German Peasants' Revolt of 1524-1525?
combo meal of
#1 new religious ideas with fries and
#2 peasant demands, no pickles
There's two major reasons, and they're yummy
Martin Luther's intial criticism of the Roman Catholic Church?
Selling of indulgences
He would...
What got rid of those gross guilds?
Business expansion of work into the once-peaceful countryside.
Where were the hippies when you needed 'em?
Niccolo Machiavelli did what, and what were his beliefs?

I knew a dog named Machiavelli...
He wrote "The Prince," a book about how great ruthless, strong leaders were, and how gross foreigners were
His book was considered the first work of modern political thought
Who was Friedrich Engels?
Marx's colleague, who organized the Communist League to link German Socialists. Also helped write The Communist Manifesto, although that was mostly that dirty man, Marx's work.
John Stuart Mill, that fancy pants, who was he?
Questioned private property, equality, and personal freedom. Wrote "On Liberty." He was a socialist, which sucks because then you can't be rich...
Wanted to help those nasty poor people
Thomas Hobbes is best known for what?
Because he though life was "nasty, brutish, and short," he though that absolutism could solve all that. What a tard.
He's a whiny bitch, that's for sure!
William Harvey was the smart-ass who...
English doctor who first accurately descirbed the pumping of blood by the heart.
Pump it!
If you were to compare 17th century and 18th century England, you might say...?
Violent versus peaceful.

Civil War versus happiness

a. violent versus peaceful
b. strong versus weak
c. democratic versus absolutist
d. prosperous versus poor - HAH
In the "Great Chain of Being," people would be ranked how?

Check the hint, bitches!
From highest to lowest:

bishops (1st estate), nobles (2nd estate), merchants, peasants, paupers (nasty 3rd estate)
your options:

merchants, bishops, paupers, nobles, peasants
Politiques (from the 16th century) followed what policies?
State came before the religious crap you believed in
involved church and state
What social class really hated England in the 17th century?
The aristocracy. Rich basterds...
They ain't poor, yo!
Why did old hags get picked on during the witchcraft persecutions?
They could not defend themselves.

sagginess might be a serious issue here
Oliver Cromwell, "Lord Protector" my ass of England in the 1650's, came from what social background?
the Puritan class of peoples
Pure my ass!
Peter the Great did this major achievement for Russia...
He modernized that bitch!
flying cars? I don't know...
Which of the following cities was not Protestant. Not one bit.

Geneva, Wittenburg, Edinburgh, Amsterdam, Madrid
Madrid, silly! Spain was Catholic.
I hate Luther, manh

Cha, Cha, Cha

El Cuckaracha
Most Philosophes hated who...?
the Catholic Church
*whip* *whip* REPENT! *whip*
Which English monarchy (as in name) failed to restore Catholicism, although they tried pretty hard...
Stuarts. James II and Charles II. James tried to get people all Catholixed, but he failed.
Ummmm...they weren't Orange
Did Bishop Jansen and Louis XIV get along?
No. Louis XIV supressed Jansen and his Jansenist sect.
It's 50/50 for Christ's sake!
Marquis de Louvois, Sebastian Vauban, Jean-Baptiste Colbert, and Bishop Bossuet all have what in common?
They were important advisors to that pussy Louis XIV
They're Frenchies
Charles XII of Sweden lost most of his terf to who?
Peter the Great (Asshole) of Russia
They came from the east! I saw 'em!
"La glorie" refers to...?
What French people wanted. Much like nationalism.
Louis XVI was pretty good at it.
The three big guys of modern science are...?
Newton, Darwin, and Einstein
NED clan!
Prussian success was mostly result of this...?
Able rulers that could help the country move along
From the top
Progress and Reform became important during which European era?
the Enlightenment
Bhuddists do it
Who were Jacobins?
Those thugs were radical politicans in the French Revolution
they were rebels
Why did Napoleon suck so much at invading England?
Lord Nelson crushed French fleets at Trafalgar...the French don't really know how to swim
L'eau est tres stupide!
First passenger railway? When and where?
Britain in 1830
Even though their an island...
Britain bought a lot of this shit from China...?
Opium. How badass.
Do you smell smoke?
Liverpool, home of the Beatles, made of a lot of cash from this in the 18th century
Atlantic slave trade
At least we had people to get out cotton for us...while we drank lemonade...
What were some major causes of The Great Depression?
-fall in world wheat prices
-currency speculation
-high tariffs
-unregulated stock speculation
Seriously, down some Prozac and get over it.
Which of the following does not apply to fascism?

-collective leadership
Collective leadership. Fascists look to one single leader.
They don't really like to share
"The Sickman of Europe" was used to describe what regime?
Ottoman Empire
It's the name of a piece of furniture
What parties gained popularity in France and Italy after WWII?
Pinkos, mayhaps?
Famine became endemic where in 1848?
Oh no. I've got me no more spuds!
What were the Nuremberg trials?
Punishment for Nazi war crimes
Jews strike back!
18th Century abortion was seen as this...?
Rare and Illegal
Damn Republicans!
Who was Richelieu?
A cardinal who basically founded French absolutism
like a bird...this time differently
What religion was James II of England?
Who are Boyars?
Russian nobles
They can certaily hold their vodka...
The struggle of Hungarian nobles against Habsburg oppression led to...
them getting quite a bit of independence
Opposite of dependent
Who were Junkers?
Prussian nobles
Bet they were white trash
Who was that terrible Ivan the Terrible?
First czar of Russia. Made nobility his serivce.
He wasn't gonna take shit from nobody!
What was the Pragmatic Sanction?
Under Charles VI, it stated that Habsburg territories were never to be divided.
Involves those smelly Habsburgs
Why did the Dutch economy decline?
People began believing that fruit John Calvin
Fruity! Captialism sucks!
The Dutch economy was based on what three things?
fishing, trading, and banking
throw a line, eye for eye, Jew quality
Who the hell were the Ursulines?
Order of nuns. Advocated education of girls.
No, not the little mermaid
How did the marriage of Maximillian Habsburg and Mary Burgundy affect Austria?
Austria's going international, baby!
What was the purpose of the Council of Trent, and did it succeed?
Wanted reconciliation between Protestants and Catholics. FAILURE! Only confirmed Catholic thinking and ended secret marriages
No way, Jose!
Who were the Marrano, and where in the world were they?
Converted Christians in Spain
Comment es-tas?
What did enlightened monarchs advocate?
Some reforms, cultural values, secular views. BUT NO DEMOCRACY.
You serfs can keep suffering.
What was the major weakness of the cottage textiel industry?
the imbalance between spinning and weaving
What often sponsored education?
the Church
Education fo Jesus
What happened to the price of sugar in the 18th century?
Decreased. Marks the movement of un-needed hyperactive children.
Let's go snort pixie stix!
The reformation of England was led by who, and for what reasons?
Henry VIII did it, mainly because of personal purposes.
Divorced quite a few times.
King James the 1. What did he do, and what family did he belong to?
Wrote a bible, and he was a Tudor.
Oops, I tooted.
This treaty ended the Habsburg Valois wars
Treaty of Cadeau-Cambresis
I don't even know
What were communes?
sworn associations of free men in cities
Sharing is Caring.
Who was Elizabeth I, what religion was she, and what did she do?
Queen of England, Protestant, helped peasants, believed in conformity, and made people go to church
You should probably know this. If not, you really suck. Like, really.
Who were the Creoles?
Spanish-American aristocratic
stuck-up brats, that's who!
What did the Peace of Utrecht do?
Ended the French expansion
Stopped something, tell you that much.
Why did Charles II fail at being king?
Started a civil war. He tried to rule with Parliament's consent. And that's just something you don't wanna do.
He sucked. That's why.
What was the purpose of the court of Star Chamber?
It was used to check aristocratic power.
check those bitches!
Who was Erasmus? He's pretty important, just so you know.
He advocated Christian education for moral and intellectual improvement.
Held many views similar to that of the Northern Renaissance movement
Who were the philosophes?
social critics, mainly French, who subjected human behavior and social institutions to the test of reason.
Philosophe is french for "philosopher," if you hadn't already figured that out.
Voltaire: what are some basics here?
Liked enlightened leaders like Catherine the Great. Believed in enlightened monarchies.
There's a rumor going 'round he was a promiscuous boy with a lovely Russian lady.
Who was Adam Smith?
Scottish economist and influential advocate of laissez-faire. Wrote "The Wealth of Nations." Didn't want government to interfer with business. CAPITALIST PIG
Money! That's what I want!
Who was Jean-Jacques Roueseau?
Wrote "The Social Contract." Believed all men were born free.
Why are so many of these people like birds?
Montesquieu was all about what...?
Wrote "The Spirit of Laws." Promoted division of authority (executive, legislative, judicial), and liked a system of checks and balances.
Celebrity Fit Club, but with the government.
Denis Diderot was all for...?
Editor of the "Encyclopedia."
He was intelligent and he worked with Jean le Rond d'Alembert
Beccaria: who?
Italian aristocrat who wrote "Essay on Crimes and Punishments." Believed in checking criminals into rehab instead of just shooting 'em.
What was David Hume all about?
Tried to define good and evil. Wanted a standard for public morality.
Don't breathe in the humes!
Montaigne was really cool. But what did he do?
Wrote "Book of Essays." Total bitch-ass skeptic.
Frederick Nietzsche (wtf?) was all, like, what...?
Values change, will to power, God is DEAD!
What a pessimistic lamer!
Rudyard Kipling believed in what?
Social Darwinism. Bleieved that the "advanced wight race" had an obligation to civilize the lesser people of this world, meaning everyone else.
What was the Crown Jewel of the British Empire?
They have elephants and curry
What was the Opium War?
Conflict between China and Britain over opium
It does involve drugs
What event led to China becoming part of the British empire in 1842?
Annexation of Hong Kong
Drive those slanty-eyes out!
What was the Russo-Japanese War?
War between Russians and Japanese over Russian advances in China
Vodka sushi
What two battles ended the Russo-Japanese War?
Battle of Mukden (on land), and the Battl of Tsushima Straits (at sea)
One was on the ground, and one was in the water.
What ended the Russo-Japanese War fo sho?
The Treaty of Portsmouth. Gave Japan control over Manchuria, and Korea by 1910
Japan win, Japan win! Heway fo us, we win ta wawh!
What was that whole Crimean War about?
Russia wanted the Ottoman's regions (Moldavia and Walachia), but the Turks didn't really approve and declared war. Britain and France then declared war on Russia. In the fall of Sevastopol, Russia lost.
Well, Russia pretty much sucks ass.
3 major wars of German unification?
Danish, Austro-Prussian, and Franco-Prussian
A sweet pastry, first part of the kangaroo nation, and i don't have one for the next
What did Giuseppe Mazzini do?
Founded the Young Italy Society for driving Austrians out of Italy and creating a republic in Southern Italy.
Southern Italy
Who were the two major unificators (is that a word), of Italy?
Giuseppe Garibaldi (South and violent) and Camillo Cavour (North and generally peaceful)
They were located in two different regions of Italy.
Who became the kind of the united Italy?
King of Sardinia-Piedmont, Victor Emmanuel
He sounds really important because he is
What was the Dreyfus Affair?
Captain in the French army was persecuted because of his Jewish-ness
Damn jooz!