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Homestead act of 1862
Fronteier environmental world view; contenent to be cleared, planted and conquered. Vast transfer of land to privet interest.
near extinction of american bison
buffalo bill slaughtered for construction. only 200,000 survive
henry david thoreau
American writer and naturalist
theodore roosevelt
Ardent conservationist and president. 1. persuaded congress to give pres. Power to set aside fed'l wildlife refuges 2. established 36 reserves in 9 yrs. designated Grad Canyon as 1 of 16 Nat'l Pk, tripled size of national forest reserves.
george perkins marsh
Scientist and member of congress that influenced legislators to seek resource conservation.
forest reserve act of 1891
authorized president to set aside forest reserves
gifford pinchot- US forest service
1st US forset reserve Cheif; pioneered sound forest management using principles of 1. sustainable yield 2. multiple use of land
antiquities act 1906
pres to protect areas of historical or scientific significance as national monument
wisa use conservationist v preservationist
W-U- land should be managed wisely and scientifically to provide needed resources
Preserv- lands should be left untouched
naitonal park service
1916 by congress; parks were to be maintained in a manner that leaces them unimpaired for future generations
john Muir
Geologist, ezplorere a& naturalist; studied Ca Yosemite Valley 6yrs
alice hamilton
1st expert in industrial medicine
Civilian Conservation Corps
2 mil unemployed planted trees
Tennessee Valley Authority
Under FDR provided jobs in Tennessee Valley
Soil Conservation Act of 1935
correct problems and conserve soil