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stock character
known by one outstanding trait ex. Prince Charming (all he is is charming)
the main character ex. Cinderella
the main bad guy ex. Voldemort
flat character
has only one outstanding trait or feature ex. a mad scientist
round character
portrayed in greater depth and more detail ex. Sonya
static character
a fixed character, doesn’t change ex. the dursleys
dynamic character
characters that always change ex. Raskolnikov
the protagonist that doesn’t have the attributes of a normal hero ex. Rasky
gratutitous act
a deed w/o cause or motive
point of view
when you can identify w/ a certain character, or identify limits placed on the story by his or her knowledge
features of setting
time, place, and weather
where the story takes place
people, places, and things form a system of clearly labeled equivalents; ex. Animal Farm
repetition of consonant sound in a phrase ex. b. round and round the rugged rocks the ragged rascal tan
a reference to a famous person, place, or thing in history, in other fiction, or in actuality
ex. talking about lazarus in C and P
a way of addressing someone invisible or something invisible or something not normal spoken to.
ex. Love! Come back to me.
protagonist, A former student, Raskolnikov is now destitute, living in a cramped garret at the top of an apartment building. The main drama of the novel centers on his interior conflict, first over whether to kill the pawnbroker and later over whether to confess and rejoin humanity.
Raskolnikov’s love and Marmeladov’s daughter. Sonya is forced to prostitute herself to support herself and the rest of her family. She is meek and easily embarrassed, but she maintains a strong religious faith. She is the only person with whom Raskolnikov shares a meaningful relationship.
Raskolnikov’s sister. Dunya is as intelligent, proud, and good-looking as her brother, but she is also moral and compassionate. She is decisive and brave, ending her engagement with Luzhin when he insults her family and fending off Svidrigailov with gunfire.
Dunya’s depraved former employer. Svidrigailov appears to believe, almost until the end of the novel, that he can make Dunya love him. The death of his wife, Marfa Petrovna, has made him generous, but he is generally a threatening presence to both Dunya and Raskolnikov.
Raskolnikov’s friend. A poor ex-student, he responds to his poverty not by taking from others but by working even harder. Razumikhin is Raskolnikov’s foil, illustrating through his kindness and amicability the extent to which Raskolnikov has alienated himself from society
Katerina Marmeladov
The consumptive wife of Marmeladov. Katerina Ivanovna’s serious illness gives her flushed cheeks and a persistent, bloody cough. She is very proud and repeatedly declares her aristocratic heritage.
Porfiry Petrovich
The magistrate in charge of investigating the murders. Porfiry Petrovich has a shrewd understanding of criminal psychology and is exquisitely aware of Raskolnikov’s mental state at every step along the way from the crime to the confession.
Semyon Marmeladov
An alcoholic public official whom Raskolnikov meets at a tavern. Marmeladov is fully aware that his drinking is ruining himself and his family, but he is unable to stop.
Pulcheria Alexandrovna Raskolnikov
Raskolnikov’s mother. Pulcheria Alexandrovna is deeply devoted to her son and willing to sacrifice everything, even her own and her daughter’s happiness, so that he might be successful
Dunya’s fiancé. Luzhin is stingy, narrow-minded, and self-absorbed. His deepest wish is to marry a beautiful, intelligent, but desperately poor girl like Dunya so that she will be indebted to him.
Andrei Semyonovich Lebezyatnikov
Luzhin’s grudging roommate. Lebezyatnikov is a young man who is convinced of the rightness of the “new philosophies” such as nihilism that are currently raging through St. Petersburg
Alyona Ivanovna
An old, withered pawnbroker whom Raskolnikov kills
Lizaveta Ivanovna
Alyona Ivanovna’s sister who Raskolnikov kills
Raskolnikov’s doctor and a friend of Razumikhin. Zossimov is a young, self-congratulating man who has little insight into his patient’s condition. He suspects that Raskolnikov is mentally ill.
A painter working in an empty apartment next to Alyona Ivanovna’s on the day of the murders. Suspected of the murders and held in prison, Nikolai eventually makes a false confession.
The protagonist of Heart of Darkness. Marlow is philosophical, independent-minded, and generally skeptical of those around him. He is also a master storyteller, eloquent and able to draw his listeners into his tale.
The chief of the Inner Station and the object of Marlow’s quest. Although he remains an enigma even to Marlow, Kurtz clearly exerts a powerful influence on the people in his life. His downfall seems to be a result of his willingness to ignore the hypocritical rules that govern European colonial conduct
General Manager
The chief agent of the Company in its African territory, who runs the Central Station. He owes his success to a hardy constitution that allows him to outlive all his competitors
The brickmaker, whom Marlow also meets at the Central Station, is a favorite of the manager and seems to be a kind of corporate spy. He never actually produces any bricks, as he is supposedly waiting for some essential element that is never delivered. He is petty and conniving and assumes that other people are, too.
Chief Accountant
An efficient worker with an incredible habit of dressing up in spotless whites and keeping himself absolutely tidy despite the squalor and heat of the Outer Station, where he lives and works.