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Salivary Glands
Parotid, Submandibular, and Sublingual.
Empty their secretions thru tiny ducts
Deciduous vs perm teeth
Decid- begin to erupt 6mo. full set by age 2
Perm- Age 6-12, Wisdom 17-25
which enzyme begins digestion
Salivary Amylase
Bile Functions
-emulsify lipids
-neutralize stomach acids
-excretes pigments
Hepatocytes 4 functions
liver cells 1.production of bile 2.absorbtion of nutrients from bl. 3.absorbtion of fat sol. vits ADEK 4.Detox
Kupffer cells
found in the liver, phagocytotic cells remove debris from the blood
swallowing and peristalsis moves food thru digestive tract
to swallow
triggered by low PH in stomach and presence of food.
Tells stomach glands to produce more digestive enzymes, 2-3L of gastric juice/day made
Enterogastric reflex
this nervous reflex occurs when duodenum is filled with chyme and walls are streched
Hiatal Hernia
Structural abnormality in which superior part of the stomach protrudes slightly above the diaphram
Pancreas stim by:
Vagus nerve and
CCK (Cholecystokinin)
Found in Duodenum, stim by fatty chyme and partial digested protiens in duoden. Increases enzymes and relaxes sphyncters allowing bile to flow
Functions of Bacteria in Lg intestine
Make Vit K and B
Mass movement
long, slow moving, powerful contractions over large intestine, 3-4x daily
Functions of the liver
*Digestion (manufact.of bile), *Detox,*Remove and destroy bacteria,* Metabolism,*Process Nutrients
"Healthy" carries cholesterol from the tissue cells to the liver to be disposed of, in bile
"Lousey" Transports cholesterol to body cells
Carbohydrate metabolism
bodies prefered fuel, breaks down into Glucose.
Krebs cycle
produces virtually all of CO2 & H2O as a result during cell resps
Fat Metabolism
occurs in the liver, Fat products broken down into acetic acid, then oxidize and CO2, H2O and ATP are formed
Protien Metabolism
Broken down into amino acids, cells remove amino acids from circulation and use them to build protien
Amt of heat produced by the body per unit of time while at rest
Body's Thermostat
most heat loss occurs through
radiation and evaporation