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What is the most important quote from China? Hint: Noblesse Oblige for China.
"Fording the river by feeling the stones"
What kind of political system does China have?
A party-dominant system, especially through the CCP (Chinese Communist Party).
How many terms can the president serve?
Two five-year terms.
What does the state council consist of?
The Premier, the Vice Premiers, and the heads of ministries.
How long are the terms for members of the National People's Congress?
Five years.
What does the NPC do?
Declare state of emergency, declare war, pass laws, essentially the rubber stamp for the majority of government activity, "visioners" of the government.
How many members of the NPC are there?
Right around 3000.
How many members of the State Council are there?
150-200 members.
What is the highest form of state government?
What are the two parts of the judicial system?
The Supreme People's Court and the Supreme People's Procuratorate.
How many members does the Supreme People's Court have?
more than 200
What does the Supreme People's Procuratorate do?
It reviews the work of governmental bodies and makes sure they observe the constitution and decide whether cases should be brought to trial