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Fibrous Joints
No Synovial Cavity
Bones are held together by fibrous connective tissue rich in collagen
Cartilaginous joints
No Synovial cavity
Bones held together by cartilage
Synovial Joints
Has synovial cavity
Bones are united by dense irregular connective tissue
Immovable Joint
Slightly Movable Joint
Freely Movable joint
Cartilaginous joint in which connecting material is hyaline cartilage

i.e Epiphyseal Plate
Cartilaginous joint that only occurs in midline of body

i.e pubic symphesis, invertertebral disks
Saclike structures strategically situated to alleviate friction in joints such as sholder
Sprain and Strain
1 is stretches or tears ligaments but does not dislocate

2 is Stretched or partially torn muscle
Planar Joints
Allows Gliding

i.e Intercarpal, Intertarsals
Hinge Joints
Convex part of bone fits into concave of another bone

i.e Knee, elbow, ankle, and interphalangeal joints
Pivot Joints
rounded surface of one bone articulates with ring formed partly by another bone

i.e Atlanto axial joint, radial ulnar joints
Condyloid joints
The oval biaxial hinge joints that permits bilateral movement

I.E wrist and metacarpophalangeal joints
Saddle Joints
Modified condyloid joint where movement is freer. Also biaxial

i.e Carpometacarpo between trapezium and thumb metacarpal
Ball and socket joint
Only found of humorous and Femur joints