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Lamellated Corpuscles
Found in the subcutaneous Layer. Contains pressure sensitive nerve endings.
Produces keratin for hardening
Produces melanin for color
Langerhans Cells
Participates in the immune response
Merkel cells
Contributes to Sensory nerves
Assosciated with Tactile Disks
Epidermal Layers bottom to top
Lucidum (Only Thick Skin)
Papilary Region of Dermis Composition and function
Composed of Areolar connective Tissue for support
Reticular Region of Dermis Composition
Composed of Dense Irregular Connective Tissue, sebaceous, and sudoriferous glands
Epidermal Ridges
Provides basis of fingerprints & Footprints
3 Contributors of skin color
Location of Sebaceous Glands
Inside hair follicles
Matrix cells
Contributes to hair and nail growth
2 types of Sudoriferous Glands. Their openings and locations.
Eccrine - Most parts of body, ducts open at skin surface

Apocrine - Limited to Axillary, groin and Areolae(Nipple) Duct opens into hair follicles
Ceruminous Glands
In ear canals. Makes Earwax
Hair of fetus, most of which is shed before birth/Peach Fuzz/Thick black hair(beard)
White part at base of nail
Thick skin protecting nail base from bacteria
Locations of Thick Skin and Thin Skin
Thick-Palms, fingertips, soles

Thin- Everywhere else
3 Cutaneous Sensations
-Tactile (Pressure)
Rules of Nines
Head- 9%
Arms- 18%
Body- 36%
Legs- 36%
Groin and Anus - 1%
Lamellar Granules
Fround in Stratum Granulosum,
Secretes waterrepelent fluid
Vernix Ceseosa
Thin layer of fetal skin that protects it from amniotic fluids
Arrector Pili
Muscle that tightens to form goosebumps