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What are two main types of epithelial tissues?
1. covering and lining epithelia
2. glandular epithelia
Epithelial cells are (closely/loosely) packed cells.

Choose 1.
Epithelial tissues are (vascular/avascular)

Choose 1
How many layers do simple epithelium tissue contain?
How many layers do stratified epithelium tissue contain?
Name 3 kind of cells found in epithelial tissue.
squamos, cuboidal, columnar
Where are simple squamous epithelial tissue normally found?
kidney; air sacs of lungs; lining of heart, blood vessels, lymphatic vessels; lining of ventral body cavity
Endothelium simple squamous cells are found in...
lining of lymp vessels, blood vessels, and heart
Mesothelium simple squamous cells are found in...
serous membranes in ventral body cavity
Where are simple cuboidal elium cells normall found?
kidney tubules, ducts, and secretory portions of small glands; ovary surface
What are the functions of simple cuboidal epithelium cells?
secretin and absorption
what are the functions of simple squamous epitheliumm?
allows passage of materials by diffusion and filtration in sistes where protection is not important;

secretes lubricating substances in serosae