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Anatomy is the study of?
structure/relationships of body parts
Physiology is the study of?
function of the body
Levels of organization
chemical,tissue,organs,organ system,organismal
Anatomical position looks like?
body is erect, feet spread, palms face forward, thumbs point away from body
axial part makes up?
Appendicular part makes up?
A vertical plane that divides the body into R/L parts?
sagittal, midsagittal
Lies vertically, divides body into anterior and posterior
Frontal plane
Runs horizontally, divides body into superior and inferior parts
Dorsal cavity has two subdivision what are they and what do they consist of?
cranial-brain, vertebral-spinal cord
Ventral cavity has two cavities what are they and what do they contain? what are the subdivisions of the thoracic cavity?
Thoraic-trunk,(heart/lungs) subdivided into lateral plural, superior mediastinum,medial mediastinum, abdomnipelvic-stomach,intestines,spleen,liver, reproductive organs...etc
What membrane is on the outside of the organ?
parietal pericardium
What membrane is closest to the organ?