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Five fluid filled cavaties of the brain
Cerebrum, Diencephalon, Mesencephalon, Pons, Cerebellum, Medulla Oblongata
Four Lobes of the Brain
Frontal, Parietal, Temporal, Occipital
Diencephalon - Thalamus
Mood, General body movements, senses except smell
Diencephalon - Subthalamus
Controls motor functions
Diencephalon - Hypothalamus
Maintains Homeostasis, controls BP, HR, Temp, Water, electrolyte regulation, hunger, body weight, sexual development, pituatary gland, movement of intestines
Diencephalon - Epithalamus
Functions are unclear.
Limbic System
Contains portions of the cerebrum and dicencephalon
Pineal gland
controls sleeping/ awakening impulses
Hearing & memory - short term = based on electrical impulses in brain. long term = actual brain functions (habit)
surround brain and spinal cord - a set of tree tough membranes that enclose the entire CNS

For Protections
Piamater - innermost
Arachnoid - second layer
Durameter - outer, toughest
Cerebral Spinal Fluid
Fluid in which the meninges float
Plexus - organized intermingling groups of nerves, give rise to peripheral nerves
Cervical, Brachial, Lumbar, Sacral, Lumbosacral plexus
Spinal Cord
at base of brain, composed of bundles of nerve fibers, extends to level of 2nd lumbar vertebra, foramen magnum, cauda equina, vertebral canal, tracts (pathways that contain nerve fibers)
CSF - cerebral spinal fluid
For protection, nutrients to internal nervous system structures, regulates ion concentration, pathway for waste products back into the blood